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Xotic AC Booster

233 €
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Disponible en estos momentos

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Guitarist 11/2005

Xotic AC Booster

Autor: Adrian Clark · Número de páginas: 1
Although the AC Booster has the same range of controls on offer as the RC Booster, it’s designed to push your amp a lot harder – supposedly adding enough gain to work as a distortion pedal. Starting with the same basic settings as before (gain on zero, tone controls neutral) we noticed that the AC was slightly warmer and less bright than the basic amp tone, whereas the RC was very similar to the bypassed tone. Once again, the volume and treble/bass controls can be used to provide a variety of clean boosts, but with this slightly warmer, fatter tone. The AC has a less immediate attack and the low end is not quite as tight as on the RC.

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