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Gary Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

135 €
Incl. IVA, portes no incluidos
Disponible en breve (2-5 días)
Disponible en breve (2-5 días)

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Future Music 8/2006

Garritan Personal Orchestra

Autor: Jon Buchanan · Número de páginas: 1
Traditionally, the string section is found at the front of the orchestra, placed in a semicircular group with the conductor to the fore and in the middle. You can think of each group fi lling a quadrant of that space, with fi rst violins on the left, then second violins, violas next, with the cello section placed on the far right. If you’re looking to create as real a string sound as possible, it’s worth bearing these positions in mind and replicating them with your pan control. The size of the string orchestra can vary dramatically, depending on the type of sound required and the piece of music being performed. Orchestral string orchestras can feature up to 20 players in the violin sections alone, whereas chamber groups consist of smaller numbers for a much more intimate sound.

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