Nux MG-30


Pedal multiefectos para guitarra eléctrica

  • Sensaciones realistas al tocar
  • 30 modelos de amplificador (25 Electric Amp, 3 Bass Amp y 2 Acoustic Amp)
  • Cab IRs con 8 tipos de micrófono y 3 posiciones
  • Quick Ton Edit-Software para elección y optimización de Patches
  • Se pueden descargar IR's de terceros productores para ampliar las posibilidades de sonido
  • Ecualizador global de 3 bandas para ajustes rápidos
  • Pedal de expresión integrado
  • Reguladores: Master, Exp, Control 4 x Settings
  • Botones: Save, Home/Global, Comp, EFX, Amp, IR, EQ, MOD, Delay, Reverb
  • Pantalla: LCD de 4"
  • Pulsador de pedal: Effect Bypass, Looper, Tuner, Ctrl
  • Consumo: 400 mA
  • Alimentación por transformador de 9 V DC (incluido)
  • Incluye cable de Patch, NMP-2 Dual Footswitch, cable USB
  • Medidas (An x Pr x Al): 313 x 166 x 54 mm
  • Peso: 1500 g


  • Entrada (Jack de 6,3 mm)
  • Salida (Jack de 6,3 mm)
  • Bucle de efectos: Send & Return (2 x Jack de 6,3 mm)
  • Entrada auxiliar (minijack de 3,5 mm)
  • Salida de auriculares (minijack de 3,5 mm estéreo)
  • Salida L & R (2 x Jack de 6,3 mm)
  • Conexión de pedal de exptresión Exp 1 (Jack de 6,3 mm estéreo)
  • Puerto USB
  • Conexión de alimentación: Conector coaxial de 5,5 x 2,1 mm con polo negativo en el interior
  • Nota: No es posible el funcionamiento con pilas
Método de construcción´ Pedal
Amp Modeling
Caja de ritmos
Incluye afinador
Pedal de expresión
Conexión para auriculares
Interfaz MIDI No
Line Out No
Alimentación a pilas No
Fuente de alimentación incluida
Disponible desde Marzo 2021
número de artículo 511135
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285 €
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NUX Mg-30
Joan Lledó 23.11.2021
Mis primeras impresiones con esta pedalera (que me ha llegado hoy) es que es bastante robusta, ya que, a diferencia de la Mg-300, esta es de metal. Las perillas y knobs responden bien y parecen de construcción fiable.

Me gusta bastante el software, pues es bastante intuitivo, gráfico y visual, por lo que su pantalla de 4" es un plus.
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Sin igual
Rikrson 17.11.2021
He leído características de otras marcas que se van por las nubes. NUX ha dado en la diana, profundamente satisfecho con este aparatito, madre de Dios cómo suena. Muy buen apoyo, también hay que decirlo, de la página web de Nux.
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Very versatile amp and effects unit
DavidDB 18.03.2021
This is an amazing effects unit!
I have used and played with several effects units but none had the sound quality this NUX MG-30 delivers. I didn't even need the manual to get around with this unit. It's that simple.

The amp modeling is next level. You can choose from 25 different amps which is less than most other units but the quality is spot on. The definition and dynamics of your playing are so well presented.
I used a clean deluxe amp combined with the T Screamer style overdrive and could get such a warm creamy sound out of it. Also the Morning drive impressed me and the AC30 amp gets so close to the real thing too.
It even has 3 bass amps and 2 accoustic amps. I didn't try those so I don't know how good these are.
The reverbs and delays have a realistic sound and the chorus did very well too. The Shimmer reverb sounds so beautiful.

The problem with multi effects for gigging I faced in the past is that it's difficult to switch sounds in the middle of the song as you need to go patches up and down which is complicated. But NUX added an extra foot switch. So I dialed in a clean sound with reverb and a compressor as my base patch sound. During the song I could engage and disengage 3 other effects like overdrive, echo or phazer. (2 on the external foot switch and 1 on the pedal board) This makes this unit so versatile.
There is also a very clear tuner integrated which lights up so even on a dark stage you can easily tune your guitar. This seems such a small thing but it makes a huge difference when playing live.

For practicing there is also a looper of 60 seconds and a drum machine. A lot of multi effects have this these days but almost non of them let you access the drums and looper in 1 screen. I could activate the drums with 1 foot switch and loop with the other. It looks so easy and this makes this unit even more complete. Also if you are doing gigs alone or with just another person and you want to spice up your songs with rhythm and layer some loops and bass lines.
After 1 week using it I am so excited bout this unit already and still I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this thing can do.

I never thought I would say this but this unit will probably replace my amp and effects.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Siberian player 30.08.2021
Awesome guitar processor! Seriously, it's perfect for its money.
- custom IRs
- possibility to record the dry and wet signals in your favorite DAW
- compact size and weight
- power consumption! I can use my power plant and I don't need additional power supply for processor
- midi interface via USB
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