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Novation Summit


Sintetizador polifónico

  • 16 voces
  • Multitímbrico en dos secciones
  • Basado en arquitectura de pico
  • Teclado de 61 teclas semicontrapesadas con velocidad y aftertouch
  • 3 osciladores por voz
  • Filtros dobles analógicos
  • VCA's analógicos y 3 niveles de distorsión analógica por voz
  • 3 osciladores NCO New Oxford por voz que habilitan la generación de sonido sustractiva, por tabla de ondas o FM
  • Filtros multimodo analógicos con 12/24 dB por voz con modo dual
  • Efectos como distorsión, chorus, delay y reverb
  • Arpegiador
  • 2 entradas jack de línea de 6,3 mm (L/R)
  • Entrada CV-Mod minijack de 3,5 mm
  • 2 salidas de línea jack de 6,3 mm (L/R)
  • 2 salidas auxiliares jack de 6,3 mm (L/R)
  • Salida de auriculares estéreo jack de 6,3 mm
  • 2 entradas de pedal
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • Puerto USB
  • Rueda de tono y modulación
  • Dimensiones: 998,4 x 302,4 x 71 mm (ancho x profundo x alto)
  • Peso: 11 Kg
  • Estuche adecuado (artículo nº489963) no incluido
Disponible desde Agosto 2019
número de artículo 465710
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Número de teclas 61
Sensibilidad dinámica
División de teclado
Rueda de modulación
Voces de polifonía 16
Motor de sonido Digital-Analog Hybrid
Interfaz MIDI 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Medio de almacenamiento Ninguna
Efectos 4
Número de salidas analógicas 4
Salida digital No
Display No
Conexiones de pedal 2
Medidas 998 x 302 x 71 mm
Peso 11,0 kg
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2.069 €
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En stock
En stock

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37 Valoraciones de los clientes

4.8 / 5

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27 Reseñas

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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Featureful and solid poly synth
dromer 04.02.2020
Having been in the market for a high-end poly synth for a while I was very excited when the Summit was initially announced.

For me it ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for: many-voice polyphonic, extensive editing capabilities with plenty of physical controls, interesting modern features, integrated effects, and good midi implementation.

The Summit fulfills all of these for me. The machine has a very solid build with firm and flexible controls when needed. The midi implementation is wonderful and updating the firmware (and managing the patches) works perfectly with the Components website. No fancy drivers or platform-dependent software installs necessary! (I use Linux which is always an issue with these things)

The internal engine is absolutely amazing. Essentially you get 4 different synths: a 16 voice poly, 2 independent 8 voice poly's, and one multi-timbral 8 voice poly. The expanded filter design also allows for more sound design options than the original peak and the onboard effects are very good. I'm looking forward to future updates as I assume the FPGA will allow for future expansions of the engine and effects.

In conclusion I think this will be a permanent addition to the studio!
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Nice but not for me
Cinetracks 21.10.2020
Pros :
- Great sounding synth for pads and 80ties sounds.
- Very easy to edit, everytime I switched it on, I made some new sounds with it
- Very good chorus and reverb effects, delay is ok.
- Excellent support from Novation

But this is why I sent it back, cons :

- sound of the filter is neutral, it lacks a bit of character
- when using resonance it's easy to get internal clipping
- the dual sounds are more difficult to manage
- still some menu diving for some features
- the oscillator sync sounds too weak for my taste

Since I already have a lot of synths, I guess I was looking more for a synth that has a prominent character, like the Prophet 6 or OB6.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Astronautilus 22.09.2020
At first I couldn’t decide between the Nord Wave 2, the Korg Prophesy and the Summit. I went for the Summit and have no regrets… it’s an awesome machine.

16 voices, three (Oxford) oscillators per voice, each with the usual waveforms plus a choice of wavetables, as well as shape control, oscillator sync and FM. It has full anologue filters, 3 modulation envelopes, excellent FX, and a modulation matrix that means it approaches the complex voice architecture of the big modulars. But, and here’s the thing… the parameters that are assigned to knobs are very well chosen, and so it’s a rational and intuitive process to create (or modify) voices. When needed, the next layer of functionality is available through the usual menus. A useful and well configured arpeggiator too.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Studio Workhorse
HDS Productions 10.06.2024
I have owned the Summit for 2 weeks, so I will keep this review short. After so much research to find a studio centerpiece synthesizer, I am very happy that I chose this. I liked the look of it from the very beginning; however I was a little worried about the length of the Novation Summit, fitting in my home studio. Thankfully now; I have easily accommodated it in my workspace.

The following makes this synthesizer perfect for my studio.
-Great sound without any tweaking
-Many presets to work with or swap out on the Novation website
-Endless amount of modification control to create new user presets
-Build quality
-Connectivity (and then some)
-Excellent workflow (with definite learning curve)
-Also very hands on, making it easy to get started
-Excellent digital sounds
-Excellent analog sounds
-This synth is easily at home sounding buttery and smooth as well as kind of nasty sounding (in a great way)
-Very good Effects section and very usable
-Value! Compared to other synthesizers in this price range, I believe its value is outstanding

Of course, nothing's perfect, so here are the weak points that I have found.
Unlike many other synths, there were no cool stickers included.

YEA, I'm over it.

A truly inspiration instrument!!!
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