LD Systems Maui 5 Go

Sistema PA compacto Plug & Play con funcionamiento a batería

  • Formato de columna con una óptica discreta para aplicaciones como monitor y sonorización de PA
  • Hasta 6 horas de autonomía con batería a 100% de rendimiento y 10 a 50% de rendimiento
  • Batería Li-Ion integrada
  • Electrónica de carga integrada, 2 horas para un 80% de carga y 3 horas para 100% de carga
  • Modo Lounge con hasta 30 horas de autonomía a 96 dB
  • Controlado vía LD LECC DSP con funciones del imitador, ecualizador, compresor y separador de frecuencias
  • Mezclador de 4 canales
  • Reproductor Bluetooth integrado
  • Potencia total: 200 W RMS (800 W Peak)
  • Nivel máximo de presión sonora: 120 dB
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 50 - 20000 Hz
  • Ángulo de dispersión: (H x V): 120° x 20°
  • Mezclador integrado con 2x entradas combinadas XLR/Jacl
  • 1x entrada estéreo minijack de 3,5 mm
  • 1x entrada Jack de 6,3 mm
  • 1x entrada combinada de micrófono XLR/Jack
  • Set compuesto por sistema de 3x columnas Mid/High y 1x Subwoofer
  • Altura total: 198,5 cm
  • Peso total: 12,3 kg
  • Color: Negro


  • Configuración: 1x Woofer de 8"
  • Recinto con sistema Bassreflex
  • Medidas: 305 x 405 x 395 mm

Sistema de columna Mid/High:

  • Configuración: 4x altavoces de agudos de 3" con imán de neodimio
  • Impedancia: 4 Ohm
  • Medidas: 82 x 535 x 105 mm

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LD Systems Maui 5 Go
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LD Systems Maui 5 Go
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A New Era

Neil P., 24.06.2018
So we have arrived at another crossroads. Wireless sound, LED lighting and now battery power for a viable PA system. Straight off the bat I love the possibilities this Maui 5 Go throws up. No need to plug into the wall and trail cables here there and everywhere. No terse looks from fellow performers when you have to share a stage and there are limited plug in points. Maybe even free from the tyranny of PAT testing............Ok I just did a quick check on the web and it seems like no PAT testing needed!! Hurrah! I have made myself a couple of small inverters with mains sockets in tandem with a deep cycle battery so I don't need to plug in my Mackie PROdx4 mixer and associated bits and pieces either. So you PAT testing, busker killing, money grubbing politicians.......go to hell! Ok I should be telling you about the Maui 5 Go but I am even if it is in a tangential way. I have had a Maui 5 for nearly two years so I know the product and its capabilities very well. This is the same product with go faster stripes and then some. It now has a mono switch and also it has finally acquired some outputs! I will forgive the fact that they haven't added reverb and ignore the reality that they have hobbled the mic input by shelving the frequency to only include frequencies above 100hz. This is what they did on the vanilla version of the Maui 5 and I don't think they have changed it. I have only just got this unit so bear with me I could be wrong. I use a PROdx4 with it so the mic channel on that means I sidestep their crime (I am a bass baritone I NEED those low frequencies in my mic channel). The design is great of course and looks very elegant and almost sexy. Very stylish. The sound does need some getting use to. The top end is fine and errs on the side of muted as does the midrange. It's not super detailed but it is good overall. There is a high frequency boost if you need it. I guess really you may as well read elsewhere what has already been written about the Maui 5 as it is the same product more or less. I will bring to your attention though the bass end of this product. It's not very good. There I said it. It's a bit boomy, indistinct and one note sounding. This is spoken of as a sub sat line array sort of thingy. But that bit that handles the bass is not a subwoofer. No it's not. A true subwoofer goes loud and low and threatens to rearrange your internals. It's really just a fairly capable woofer. It only goes down to 50hz. So what you may say? Well a low string on a bass hits 41hz. Now most PA subs are good to 40hz and tail off but will provide some sound below this albeit at a reduced volume. The Maui 5 'subwoofer' seems to hit a brickwall just around 52hz or so. It's already quieter at 55hz. The effect of this is that whole notes are missing from the sound. Forget Hip Hop, R&B, Grime, Heavy Rock and the like as the Maui 5 cannot do them justice. But then what idiot would buy just this for those types of music in a public setting! I sing swing so for me the Maui 5 Go does a good enough job for me. Loud clean intelligible and so flexible I almost feel giddy with delight. Pair it up over bluetooth before you get in the venue and you can literally plonk it down and have music playing in under a minute. Welcome to the future! FYI I previously bought a B stock Maui 5 Go from Thomann and it had issues. First real slap on the wrist for the usually faultless Thomann service. It was not fully checked in a meaningful way I think. One thing it did once for instance was go into protect mode when I was playing it extremely quietly. The moment it did that it had to go back. That CANNOT happen on a gig! I am keeping an eye on this product. I bought this one from Thomann and this week I bought another from a fairly local supplier. I asked him directly if he had had faulty ones and he said yes a few. I think this product has some teething issues (it was slow to market and missed the projected dates when it 'should' have been available) so thank God for the Thomann guarantee as it gives peace of mind for what is not a cheap afterthought purchase. In summation if they do their jobs well I will be close to delirious. I have a few outdoor events coming up. This is what the Maui 5 Go was born for!
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LD Systems Maui 5 Go
LD Systems Maui 5 Go
Rank #6 in Altavoces operados por acumulador
LD Systems Maui 5 Go
LD Systems Maui 5 Go
Rank #6 in Altavoces operados por acumulador
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