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K&M 18813 Red MKII

Soporte para teclado y portátil

  • Adecuado para Omega 18810
  • Altura ajustable en 10 posiciones
  • Profundidad ajustable de 4 posiciones
  • Se puede inclinar en 5 posiciones diferentes de 0º (horizontal) a 20º
  • Capacidad de carga: 25kg
  • Rosca de 3/8"
  • Color: Rojo

Más información

Tipo Soporte para ordenador portátil
Color Rojo
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4 / 5.0
  • Estabilidad
  • Fabricación
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Exceptionally useful expansion for the K&M 18810

Bought this as part of a set with the red K&M 18810 keyboard stand which proved to be a great addition to the media room and an all-round fantastic stand. One of the best things about it is how modular it is with a variety of expansions available. These arms feature an additional expansion of a controller tray - the K&M 18819.

I've got a generic Yamaha MIDI keyboard sat atop of the 18810 stand and needed the MKII arms to hold up an Access Virus desktop module. The arms themselves are capable of holding another keyboard/synthesizer with a load-bearing capacity of circa 25kg.

Much like the 18810 stand that these arms attach to, they are made of steel and seem to be very durable. They fit onto the stand very easily and there is virtually little to no assembly required. There are a total of three joints that you are able to alter accordingly: arm height, arm tilt and arm depth. Each of these can be changed by simply unscrewing and readjusting the parameters as required before tightening once again. You may need to alter the tilt and the depth together in order to get the desired level.

There is quite a bit of options available when it comes to the arm height, making it easy to accommodate regardless of how big and bulky or slim and small your keyboard below may be. The distance between both arms is up to you as there are a variety of positions available across the 18810 stand, thus enabling you to keep them close together for smaller modules and spread them apart for bigger units such as keyboards.

The backs of the arms themselves are sturdy when locked in place, however the arms have a tendency of shaking a little and can be difficult to get perfectly level. I had a lot of difficulty with one arm being slightly above the other, which in turn cocked the Access module up on one end making it uneven. Despite changing heights, altering tilt levels and using the provided bump-ons (small, thick circular adhesive rubber pads), I could not seem to get the arms or the device on top to level out.

I ended up having to fold a small piece of cardboard and then slip it beneath one side of the Access module to artificially level it out - hardly a proper fix, just a make-shift one for the time being. This level offset may not be as obvious or as pronounced with bigger devices such as keyboards or larger synthesizers however it was a bit disappointing and admittedly frustrating as whenever I would use my device it would shake a little.

The 18813 is a great addition to the 18810 stand even with the above issues aside. Despite not being able to perfectly level the device on the arms, they are very stable and extraordinarily customizable for any kind of device to sit on top of them. The provided bump-ons were a nice touch and the instructions were very easy to follow. I have since purchased the K&M 18819 tray for the arms which seems to have eliminated the slight shaking and I am now able to have a Korg Kaossilator sit alongside the Access Virus module.

Pros: Distance customizable for any kind of device, varying height levels to accommodate your preferred playing positions, multitude of tilt options for different kind of devices, rubber lips to prevent devices from sliding off or getting damaged, sturdy build and easily attached to the 18810 stand.

Cons: Slight shaking of the arms, very difficult to have the arms be perfectly level, minor adjustments to tilt or depth can be a hassle as both need to be changed together in most cases.
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