Ibanez AR420-VLS


Guitarra eléctrica

  • Cuerpo de Okume
  • Tapa de arce flameado
  • Mástil de arce
  • Longitud de escala: 628 mm
  • Diapasón de Jatoba
  • 22 trastes
  • 2x pastillas Super 58 Humbucker
  • 2 x reguladores de volumen, 2 x reguladores de tono
  • 1 x conmutador de palanca
  • 2x Mini Switch (Tri-Sound, Humbucker - Singlecoil - Humbucker parallel)
  • Puente ART1
  • Cordal Quick Change Classic
  • Color: Violin Sunburst
  • Caja no incluida, disponible opcionalmente bajo art. n.° 172299 o bien art. n.° 193412
Color Sunburst
Cuerpo Caoba
Tapa Arce
Mástil Arce
Trastes 22
Escala 628 mm
Configuración de pastillas HH
Trémolo no
Incluye maleta No
incl. Funda No
Disponible desde Junio 2013
número de artículo 314352
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
555 €
Sin gastos de envío e incluyendo IVA.
Disponible dentro de 1-2 semanas
Disponible dentro de 1-2 semanas

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34 Valoraciones de los clientes

Casi perfecta con un pero
Dieg 11.04.2017
Muchos puntos a favor y para mí, uno solo en contra. Pero este único punto flaco me ha llevado a devolver la guitarra.

- De fábrica ajustada y sin trasteos, incluso cerca de estar afinada. Ibanez realmente se merece la fama que tiene en este apartado.
- En foto es bonita, en vivo sorprende. Impresionante.
- El acabado general inmaculado, ni un sólo detalle que resaltar.
- Sonido de rock clásico en modo humbucker con la versatilidad que da el tri-switch. Para mí, el sonido de la pastilla de puente, de 10.
- Ligera
Contras (Motivo de la devolución):
- Cabeceo bastante pronunciado. Al menos para mí, dificulta la ejecución en posición erguida. Sentado con la guitarra en la pierna no tiene este problema. Muy a tener en cuenta, ya que es un detalle de mucha importancia del que nadie suele hablar.
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Ibanez AR420-vls
Jesús Sánchez 24.09.2014
Excelente servicio, llego perfectamente embalada, envio rápido. Quería una segunda guitarra y tengo que decir que por el precio que tiene me sorprendió el acabado y la calidad que aparenta para estar fabricada en china. Personalmente no me gustan los herrajes dorados pero esto es una cuestión estética que tiene solución. Viene perfecta, no he tenido que tocarle a nada. Las pastillas hacen su función no dan mal sonido y tienen sustain, personalmente pienso que dado la calidad de esta guitarra vale la pena gastarse en otras, dependiendo del gusto de cada uno, posiblemente las cambie por unas SH5 para el puente y unas Gibsón Clssic 57 cebra. La electrónica está muy cuidada es una lástima que no se gastasen un poco más en poner unos potes mejores y condensadores. Pienso cambiarlos para aumentar el rango tonal con potes push-pull, uno para el cambio de fase y el otro para pasar los condensadores orange de o,22 a 0,45 mf, también cambiaría la cejilla. Creo que por el precio que tiene supera a otras guitarras más caras.
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google translate gb
Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Amangeldy 12.02.2021
Quality beats price

Two days ago I received an Ibanez AR 420 VLS guitar. I am familiar with the guitars of this company, because I own an Ibanez AM 93 semi-acoustic guitar with similar pickups.
The guitar met my expectations. Although made in China, its quality is better than my 2019 Gibson LP Standard at € 2,700 made in the USA.
The look is amazing. I tried hard to find at least some flaws and this is all I found:
1.The neck is heavier than the body - when playing while standing, the neck outweighs, which creates a little discomfort. When playing while sitting, there is no problem.
2. The three-position switch is close to the neck pickup and when playing actively I sometimes hit it with my right hand;
3. The potentiometers knobs are not at the same height from the guitar body. The gap is 1 to 5 mm.
4. Everything that is painted in gold color (bridge, pickups, tuners) has a different shade of color saturation.
But all these disadvantages are minor, given the price of the guitar.
Now about the obvious advantages of this guitar:
1. Very high quality of manufacturing;
2. Convenient neck with easy access to the topmost frets;
3. Decent sound.
Before buying this guitar, I didn’t know what a parallel humbucker would sound like and expected a completely new sound from it. However, I feel it is the same tone as the middle Tri-Sound switch when single coil is on, but with less treble.
While purchasing this model of guitar, I haven’t found a suitable case for it. The body of the guitar is 1.5 cm wider than a regular Gibson LP, so it is difficult to fit into a Gibson case, and it takes a little effort to close the lid.
There is only one negative moment in this whole story. The guitar was packed in two cardboard boxes. Upon receipt at the post office, the outer box was torn, and the inner box was badly dented, as a result of which the plastic handle of the three-position switch was broken. It would be nice for Thomann to pack more securely when sending parcels outside the EU.
Summarizing everything, I would like to say that I am very pleased with the purchase and recommend this guitar model.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Nice guitar but disappointed in the setup
Paul592 18.05.2016

Contrary to other reviews on here I found this guitar to have far too high an action out of the box, and upon lowering the bridge to where I like my action I can see why it was raised so high. The D and G string buzz to an unacceptable degree and on certain frets cut out completely when the action is where it should be (not too low either mind you I know its not a shred guitar). The frets needed more leveling in the factory and it just didn't happen. I will have to take this to my local tech to get it set up properly.

The "made in china" and serial number decal on the back of the head-stock was very chipped off upon arrival which I just find funny tbh. Its made of some very brittle material that I dont think will last longer than a few weeks of normal handling.

One other thing to keep in mind before buying this is the extreme top heaviness of this guitar. With a nylon strap it just swings head down as soon as you let go... Not good. Had to sew weights into a guitar strap in order to balance it out.

There was also signs on the fret-board that this guitar had been played a good bit before shipping and not cleaned after. (This had better not be a B-Stock sold for full price thomann)

There is also very noticeable runs in the finish on the very last fret on the fretboard.

Update: The tone control knob became very loose and I saw why after inspection. The pot control tabs had been crimped together too much, and as soon as I attempted to widen the gap to make it a snugger fit one of the tabs snapped off immediately. Now I'm left with 3 knobs and one horrible broken pot top. Thanks Ibanez. Back to my guitar tech for more work & more money out of pocket :(


This guitar is built quite well aside from the aforementioned problems, fret ends are perfect, binding is perfect, finish is almost flawless on the body. Mine is a two piece body, with the join about 3/4 the way down the bottom.

The sound is very nice and the options with the trisound switches give you a great variety of tones.

Upper neck access is great.

It's also very, very pretty.

In summation it's a good guitar for the money but the lowness in price is reflected in the poor setup and quality of materials.
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