Hypersynth Xenophone

Sintetizador monofónico

  • Circuito de señal 100% analógico
  • 3 osciladores
  • 2 Sub-osciladores
  • 7 formas de onda: Saw, Square, Triangle, variable Shape Saw-Sqr, Tri-Sqr, Stepped Sqr
  • 4 moduladores Ring
  • Multimode VCF incluyendo 6 tipos de filtros, 12,18, 24 dB (Lowpass , Highpass, Bandpass, Notch, 18LP>6HP, 12LP>6HP)
  • Oscilación propia VCF 1 incluyendo Sinus, Triangle y Clipped Triangle
  • Filtro FM vía oscilador 1
  • 4 tipos de ruido: White, Pink, Red, C64 (pitched)
  • Filtro Keytracking preciso incluido: Altura de tono, portamento y Pitchbend
  • 3 LFOs con 6 formas de onda (Sin, Tri, Saw, Sqr, S&H, S&Glide)
  • Prestaciones LFO: Sync, Reset, Freq Range= 0 - 100 Hz
  • 3 envolventes: Amp, Filter, Mod (6-stage DAHDSR de 1mS a 30S)
  • 4 Envelope Styles (Analog RC1, RC2, Exponential, Digital Linear)
  • 6 modos Envelope Trigger (Always, Legato, Analog1, Analog2, LFO2 S&H, FootP)
  • Opción Loop para todas las envolventes
  • Matriz de modulación de 8-Slots (hasta 33 mod sources y 50 mod targets)
  • Resolución de filtro Cutoff 12-bit, 4096 KHz
  • 4 tipos de distorsión analógica (light, dirty, harsh, massive)
  • Feedbackloop vía entrada de audio externa
  • Salida estéreo, entrada de audio externa
  • Arpegiador
  • Secuenciador de pasos de 16x4
  • Note Slide, Slew Rate (Note, Velocity, AUX Track1, AUX Track2)
  • Pantalla OLED de 2x20 caracteres
  • 896 espacios de almacenamiento
  • Salida de auriculares
  • Entradas y salidas CV/Gate
  • Editor Software VST/Standalone incluyendo integración DAW (PC)
  • 26 Encoders Soft Touch, 27 botones, 88 LEDs
  • Medidas: 328 x 167 x 50 mm
  • Peso: 1,3 kg
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Muestras de sonido

  • Demo
  • Demo 2
  • Demo 3
  • Demo 4

Más información

Construcción Sobremesa (Desktop)
Voces de polifonía 1
Motor de sonido Analógico
Interfaz MIDI 1x In, 1x Out
Medio de almacenamiento Ordenador, interno
Número de salidas analógicas 2
Salida digital No
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First impressions- with update

Sequentonal, 22.05.2017
Since this is the first piece of Hardware of this caliber my review will be very basic -so far I only had budget gear (micro brute, volka keys/sample, and a JD-Xi)

I ended up with 1K euro to spend on expanding my gear and I wanted to make sure I got the most bang for buck.
I looked at the modular path, starting with a Moog Mother32 and a table rack+psu and one module but decided in the end to look at desktop synths.
Most of those start in the mid 1K range though and were out of my price range.

Then I came across this synth....

What you get:
3 VCOs, 3LFOs (with an extensive Modmatrix,basically virtual patchcables), internal FX and an Arp/Sequencer in one box with a fully analog sound path for under 1000 euro.
Duophinic capability (after Firmware update)

To my ears this synth sounds incredible.
Full rich in the low end and very crisp in the high frequencies.
Plenty of wave shaping in the oscillators and a very lush Filter is all accessible with a minimum of menudiving.
Though the Modmatrix is easier understood when using the Software Editor which is available for free on the Hypersynth website.

USB to Midi is an option, but not the most straight forward process. You will need to install and configure a virtual midi interface (like LoopBe).
It works very nicely if you have a hardware Midi interface though, no real configuration required, just select the midi interface in the In/Out options and select any USB midi controller that might be connected to your PC.

The available manuals are kept to a minimum and there is no updated information covering the Firmware updates, of which there were quite a few.
But then, there is not much that would require explanation.
If you know your way around synthesis or had any previous keyboards, most of it should be self explanatory.
If you are new to synthesis or this is your first synth, It is all about exploration anyways, and since menu diving is minimal you will learn on the fly and have a blast doing it :)

I uploaded some Demo vids, going through presets on my youtube channel which is under my user name :)
(Proofreader: feel free to delete this if you consider this advertising and/or a violation of policy)

After 2 weeks I decided to send the Synth back...
I had it connected to my Beatstep Pro and later to a Yamaha 01x interface to sync the sequencer and lfos.
3 times the synth froze up/crashed on me and had to be restarted. The sequences acted very odd intermittently, not quite out of sync but they became irregular (pauses between notes with a shuffle feel)

I still think this is a great synth, but needs more development. If the serial number on mine is anything to go by barely 200 units were sold.
If cash wasn't as much of an issue for me i may have replaced it with another unit.
But as things stand I can't really afford the gamble. :(
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