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Harley Benton SC-Junior LH Vintage Sunburst

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  • Metal
  • Blues
  • Bluesrock
  • Mosh
  • Thrash
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Guitarra eléctrica

  • Versión para zurdos
  • Con un cutaway (Single Cut)
  • Cuerpo de caoba
  • Mástil de caoba
  • Diapasón de amaranto
  • Montaje del mástil: Encolado (set)
  • Forma del mástil en 'C'
  • Inlays de puntos
  • 22 trastes Medium Jumbo
  • Cejilla de grafito
  • Anchura de la cejilla: 43 mm (1,69")
  • Escala: 628 mm (24,75")
  • Radio del diapasón: 305 mm (12")
  • Golpeador de 3 capas en negro
  • Pastillas: Roswell P90D Alnico-5 Dog Ear
  • Controles de volumen y tono
  • Puente: WSC Wrap Around
  • Clavijas de afinación Wilkinson de estilo vintage con ratio de engranaje de 15:1
  • Color: Vintage Sunburst
  • Cuerdas de fábrica: 10-46
Forma LP Style
Cuerpo Caoba
Pala Caoba
Número de cuerdas 6
Trastes 22
Escala 628 mm
Trémolo No
Incluye maleta No
incl. Funda No
número de artículo 469673
B-Stock desde 185 € disponible
199 €
Todos los precios incluyen IVA
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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What a great guitar!
David Vasil 16.09.2020
As an owner of Harley Benton's other product (lap steel guitar), I was really curious about my next experience with this brand. Due to many positive reviews, I decided to give it a try and ordered the SC Junior.

I was looking for a really lightweight les paulish type of guitar so this fortunately came in like a blast from heaven itself. I owned and still got several guitars (gibson, ibanez, fender etc.) and I play for over 20years now so I had in mind what construction/QC issues in this price range could occur.

But MAN! Straight out of the box the first thing that hit me was the finish and the general look of this thing. The second was that chunky neck feeling. The fretwork is like a butter, no sharp edges at all. The guitar really feels great in hand and IT REALLY RESONATES even unplugged which I like a lot.

The setup was okay straight out of box but it needed some minor adjustments (for example string action which I like a bit lower). Pickup sounds cool, there is no problem at all and the sustain is nice and long. volume/tone knobs work great (plenty of tonal options for such a simple guitar).

All in all, this guitar is an absolute no brainer for it's price, especially in the world of left handed players like me. I'm really glad I have another happy experience with Harley Benton and products like this one are the proof that I don't care what's written on the headstock anymore.

To be honest, my Gibson SG Standard will now stay in it's case for several months 'cause I can't stop playing this junior beast!
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All Around Winner
The Sleeper 14.05.2020
First of all this is a very well built Left-Handed guitar. Very rare to hear that about any lefty built by any manufacturer. The pros for this guitar include: good construction, straight neck, great fret work without the customary sharp edges you get with all other budget guitar manufacturers. This guitar has gone even farther by correcting two issues that are still present on the guitar that it is modeled after and that is the heel joint and adding an adjustable bridge. The pickup is also really good. If you have ever upgraded a guitar, you will realize that minus the cost of a professional setup, you can take this guitar from really really good to a great guitar for less than $70 in upgrades. I have already ordered two more guitars from Thomann and I am eager to see if they are built with the same quality. It is very hard to find Left-Handed guitars built with such great quality and at such great prices. I hope Thomann will eventually have all or at least a high number of their guitars available in Left-Handed versions. Especially if they continue their high quality control standards.
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Good guitar.
Jeff RoQ 01.11.2020
Good guitar. bought this for live use. I love the 1 pickup thing.
1. it plays well and sounds good.
2. Works well with clean and Overdrive .
3. Frets well finished, level smooth fingerboard edges.
4. tuners fine and stable.
5. electrics are spot on, good to see HB fitting linear pots to their left handed guitars. I normally change mine for left handed taper pots anyway but there is nothing worse than a right handed audio taper pot wired backwards which is what most manufacturers do.

1.The pick up is low I needed to raise the pole pieces up really high. could do with a shim for it really.
2. The bridge has sharp edges on the saddles not great for palm muting. I will probably replace the bridge at some point.
3. The top ends of the nut was very square and sharp I have just rounded mine off slightly with a nail file. I had to do same to a £1600 Gibson though.

Overall a good guitar I highly recommend it. I happily jump between this and my Suhr AltT, which was 15x the price, without feeling any difference in playability.
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Mostly What I expected
Lefty-USA 07.10.2020
Love the HB SC, glad they make it a lefty model.
Sound is as good as the HB DC models.
Great quality platform for the money better than some of the name brands!
Wish Harley Benton would make more models in left hand for all lines including this one.
Only negative I would say is the one I received was way way more light yellow than darker sun burst, which was a bummer for me!
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