Harley Benton Dual Looper

Pedal Looper

  • Pedal Looper estéreo con efectos
  • Manejo sencillo
  • Grabación de una pista de Loop hasta 10 minutos
  • Overdubbing ilimitado
  • Controles: Level izquierdo, Level derecho, Speed Level, pulsador Looper (generación, almacenamiento y rellamada de Loop)
  • Pulsador FX (selección de Form y Loop)
  • Conmutador para variación/avanzar/retroceder
  • Conmutador para Stop/FX
  • 2x LEDs
  • Entrada y salida Jack L&R
  • Conector Micro USB (incluye cable) para Up & Download (WAV Audio, 48.000 hz y 24 bit)
  • Consumo: 90mA
  • Medidas (An x Al x Pr): 108 x 43 x 90 mm
  • Peso: 362 gr
  • Alimentación por transformador, (no incluido, disponible opcionalmente bajo art. n°409939)

Software disponible en la página de producto (fichero Exe auto-extraíble, no precisa instalación - de momento solo para Windows). Por favor, actualizar siempre al Firmware más actual disponible en la parte inferior de la página de producto en www.thomann.de

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Una buena herramienta de práctica y directo

jesusalmartin, 22.07.2017
El looper es una gran herramienta para la práctica. Es un pedal sencillo de manejar, al estilo del Ditto Looper y similares, y con una calidad de sonido buena.

Las dos entradas/salidas independientes te permiten hacer loops desde 2 fuentes diferentes y enviar cada una por separado. Así, se puede utilizar, por ejemplo, para grabar loops de guitarra y enviarlos al amplificador de guitarra; y además, grabar loops de voz y enviarlos a mesa.

La posibilidad de cambiar la velocidad y el pitch de los loops es una función que no utilizo demasiado.

En general un pedal sencillo, versátil y con una buena calidad de sonido.
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Good for price, but practical limitations.

RichardH59, 22.06.2018
I am a guitarist / bassist, playing in a indie pop / rock band.
I bought this pedal as an introduction to looping. My idea was to use this initially as a practice and composition tool, perhaps using it during performance if I could find a use for it.

The pedal itself is quite small, but feels solid and well made. The foot switches operate cleanly, but given the size of the device may be a little too close together for use in a live performance. Especially if you have large feet or wear heavy boots. Avant-garde performance artists intending to wear dive flippers on stage take note!

I needed to spend a little time understanding how the controls worked before I could get anything useful out of the Looper. Not necessarily a criticism; I have not used any similar devices so can't compare functionality. Once I had figured it out, the looper proved easy to use. Others have commented on the brightness of the LED's and I would agree - they are so powerful it becomes hard to read the pale grey labels against the red background.

My initial tests were with an electric guitar plugged directly into the Looper with the device running out to a small Fender practice amp. As I built up loops it became clear that the earliest parts soon became buried. This issue can perhaps be addressed by judicious use of the level control. However, I think the number of useful overdubs one can achieve is limited. Again, this issue might be alleviated by routing left and right channels into separate amplifiers, but I have yet to try this.

It is also worth mentioning that the output causes distortion if headphones are connected directly to the output. The outputs were not designed for this purpose, so not a criticism. Just be aware if, like me, you are hoping to use this for private practice.

To sum up, this is a well put together device in a format that may be a little too small and fiddly for live performance. At the price, however, it is a reasonable entry level Looper which rewards a little time taken to learn how it functions.
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