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Harley Benton Amarok-6 BKBL Flame Burst

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  • Metal
  • Bluesrock
  • Blues
  • Mosh
  • Progressive
  • Thrash
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Guitarra eléctrica

  • Contorno del cuerpo cómodo arqueado moderno
  • Con clavijero a juego
  • Construcción del mástil: A través del cuerpo (neck through)
  • Cuerpo de caoba
  • Tapa de chapa de arce flameado
  • Binding del cuerpo: Madera natural
  • Mástil de 5 capas (arce/caoba/arce/caoba/arce)
  • Forma del mástil: Perfil en 'C' moderna delgada
  • Diapasón de ébano Macassar
  • Inlays de 6 mm descentrados en perloide blanco
  • Marcadores de posición de 2,4 mm fluorescentes que brillan en la oscuridad
  • 24 trastes Blacksmith Jumbo de acero inoxidable
  • Cejilla Graphtech de Tusq
  • Anchura de la cejilla: 42 mm (1,654")
  • Grosor en el traste 1: 21 mm
  • Grosor en el traste 12: 23 mm
  • Escala de 648 mm (25,5")
  • Radio del diapasón: 355,6 mm (14")
  • Pastilla EMG Retro Active Hot 70 Ceramic humbucker (puente)
  • Pastilla EMG Retro Active Hot 70 Alnico-5 (mástil)
  • Control de volumen master
  • Control de tono master
  • Interruptor de palanca de 3 posiciones
  • Alma: Rueda de radios de doble acción
  • Puente WSC HPS-6 Custom Hardtail
  • Acabado de los herrajes: Negro
  • Clavijas de afinación Grover con bloqueo
  • Cuerdas: .010 - .046
  • Acabado: Satinado
  • Color: Black Blue Flame Burst
  • Fabricada en Indonesia
Color Azul
Cuerpo Caoba
Tapa Arce, laminado
Mástil Ébano
Trastes 24
Escala 648 mm
Configuración de pastillas HH
Trémolo No
incl. Funda No
Incluye maleta No
número de artículo 479364
B-Stock desde 459 € disponible
499 €
Todos los precios incluyen IVA
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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Espectacular sonido, tocabilidad y aspecto en general y muy buena construcción, no tan buena en los acabados y los detalles
Adrià F. 12.12.2020
Suena fantástica y se toca genial. El aspecto general de la guitarra es impresionante, así como el acabado de color y la construcción general. La única pega que he encontrado en mi caso está en algunos detalles pequeños, por ej. algo de dificultad al enchufar el jack, el selector de pickups un poco suelto, o la tapa de la pila de 9V algo suelta también. De todos modos, por el precio que tiene, considero que el sonido y la tocabilidad eclipsan completamente estos pequeños detalles. La recomiendo 100% (si te dan igual estos pequeños detalles)
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Stunning guitar
A D 05.10.2021
Top spec, plays like a dream, superb modern sound, only let down by minor qc flaws.

This is now my 3rd HB guitar and I will be buying more. For some context, I have been playing for decades and my main guitar for years now has been a USA PRS. With a few caveats, this Amarok is up there with all the 1k+ guitars I've owned or played.

Plus points -

Looks gorgeous. Lovely tight flame top and a nice dark, smooth ebony board.

Spec! Stainless frets, EMG's, through neck, ebony board, mahogany (possibly gaboon) wings.

Feel is utterly amazing. I had my doubts about the neck but this thing is effortless. The C shape is comfy with an amazing matt/satin coat that your hands just glide over, the fretting is smooth and assertive, access is as good as it gets with a lovely contoured through neck into the cutaways. My hand just glides around the fretboard. It's pure joy to play.
Right arm is comfy over the carve (same smooth satin/matt coat on the body too) and the bridge is smooth under my palm.
Pickup switch is a bit wierd at first but is very reachable while remaining out the way for typical rock/metal right hand techniques. Big strummers may find the switch vulnerable to knocks but that really isn't what this guitar was designed for. Knobs are smooth and resistive feeling though they are a bit all/nothing. They live at max on this anyway so no problem.

Superb modern sound. The pickups are crisp and punchy, aggressive without being rough. Online comparisons did not do these justice. The Hot 70's have the tonal character of some more vintage classic buckers, but with a more modern midrange Q (a bit less honky than the Fishman Moderns still), VERY tight bottom, and smooth treble. Chord clarity and note definition is outstanding. Very nice in the mix though it did require some patch tweaks to rebalance for the air and output of course. Both neck and bridge pups do thier thing admirably with a nice spread of tones. One thing that took me by suprise was the neck pup having some incredible bell-like single coil type tones to it. Very pleased with the sound.

Cons - Nothing is perfect...

The pup switch was installed backwards and vertical. Yup, down for the neck, up for the bridge. No problem, it was of course easy to open the back, rotate it and put some angle in there too.
Minor finishing flaws here and there. A spec of black paint on the back of the neck, some more on the faux binding, some rough edges around the horns where the sanding wasnt finished properly. Nothing thats unexpected on cheaper guitars anyway.
The biggy though was the three frets had tooling marks (looked like plier jaws) and next to them the fretboard was dented. This is a fairly simple repair though and Thomann customer service was courteous and easy to deal with as always, and offered a partial refund for the damage which I accepted.

Summary - This is now my go-to metal guitar in the studio, and I do not say this lightly. My other guitars will always be special to me, and nothing has ever come close to the sound, quality and attention to detail of my USA PRS for example, but this Amarok has just got everything I need from a modern 6 string for rock and metal. The sound and the feel blew me away.

It's not just the best value guitar I've ever played by a mile, it's one of the best of its type at any price. Just fingers crossed with the QC...

I will be buying the 7 string and baritone versions at some point I'm sure .
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Amarok Rocks
CPAlabama 08.05.2020
Excellent guitar. So excited to be among the first to get this one. Was amazed that after 13 day journey from Germany to US, the guitar was in perfect tune. Needed to adjust string height and neck, now is so sweet to play. I only wished the strap connection was in the normal place. A floyd rose and roasted maple neck would make it more expensive but would be well worth it. Also surprised there was no split coil on the push/pull.
Overall this is a suburb guitar for the price and my Harley Benton collection keeps growing because of the value. Thank You for providing professional grade features in well made guitars for the rest of us. I can afford the high dollar guitars, but why pay the outrageous prices from the big name makers?
Update: Had to repair input jack, connector would not stay plugged in. Finish of guitar under close inspection is not great. But I still love it and would like to get another one from a newer batch to see if they have improved after increasing production.
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Great Opportunity, Not Great Execution
SCSF 21.09.2020
I bought the Amarok for 2 reasons, it has really impressibe specs and it looks very nice, at least in picture.
the one I get is 100% on the feature side, it has all and sounds and plays good but it has 2 problems: it does not match the picture (not even near to be flamed, maybe look painted, but not flamed) and the pick up selector is the chepest one I had ever seen, it vitrabrate in a irritating manner.
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