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Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone BK

Guitarra Eléctrica

  • Cuerpo de arce
  • Tapa de arce flameada
  • Mástil de arce (set-neck)
  • Diapasón Resinator
  • Incrustaciones Block
  • Medida: 711 mm
  • 22 trastes
  • 1 x Hagstrom Custom 58 (puente), 1 x P-Urified (cuello)
  • Conmutador de 3 vías
  • 2 x Volumen, 2 x Tono
  • Hardware cromado
  • Puente Tune-O-Matic
  • Acabado: Negro
  • Caja opcional (no incluida): 263559
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Muestras de sonido

  • Blues
  • Metal
  • Stoner

Más información

Color Negro
Cuerpo Arce
Tapa Arce
Pala Arce
Mástil Resinosa
Trastes 22
Escala 711 mm
Configuración de pastillas HH
Trémolo No
Incluye maleta No
incl. Funda No
5 Evaluaciones de usuarios
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
4.8 /5
  • Características
  • Sonido
  • Fabricación
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Great baritone at an overall affordable price.
SimonNiggers, 07.07.2021
To provide a little context, I was looking for a baritone guitar suitable for B standard, drop A and A standard tunings which plays almost like a guitar, with not too thick strings, and doesn't feel like a bass. I play mostly classic rock and blues, so I didn't want anything metal-oriented. At the moment I have the guitar tuned to B standard with Ernie Ball 12-62 Mammoth slinkies.
In these regards, the Hagstrom Viking baritone has some great features:
- 28" scale, long enough but not overly long. I tried Gretsch and Danelectro baritones which are 29.75", and they feel too long for me. Defintely playable, but I prefer a shorter scale.
- standard humbucker routes: the stock pickups are pretty good indeed, especially the p-90 in the neck. The humbucker is the bridge is good, but it's a little too dark, like some modern Gibson humbuckers. However, since they are standard dimension humbuckers, they can be easily swapped for something taylored for everyone's tastes.
- tuners are great, feel very solid and smooth, and the tusq nut is an effective solution.
Some issues I've encountered are:
- the guitar is pretty neck-heavy, but there's no other way to attach the strap to a semi-hollow body. I think there's no solution for this.
- I had some difficulties in intonanting the guitar at first, since the saddle screws were pretty hard to turn. The day after the whole thing felt easier to turn, and I managed to intonate the guitar correctly.
- the stoptail is a zamak one, which is not something I like. I would have preferred an aluminum one,but others may think the opposite.
- the overall guitar setup was horrible: action was lower on the low strings and higher on the high strings, neck too straight, significant buzz on the low strings, bridge pickup very very far from the strings. However, this is just a setup problem, the frets are well dressed and the are no structural issues. After a standard setup, the guitar plays nicely.
Considering the price of the instrument, I think this is an overall great instrument. It has some issues, but they are common issues in this price range. You just can't expect premium quality at this price point. I would have liked a higher quality bridge, and would have payed an extra for it no question, but the bridge is all in all good enough for the price. The same applies to pickups, but since this is a more personal choice I think they are good as they are.
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Welcome to a new world
John7787, 13.11.2014
It's difficult to find a baritone which isn't designed for the heavy metal brigade: the Viking Baritone is altogether more subtle. When you pick this beauty up every tune you've ever played sounds different and you hear overtones and nuances as never before.. The two top strings are unwound and are similar to a normal guitar strung up with a heavy set (013's) but oh my god, the four wound bottom strings growl with a deep satisfying bass which sits perfectly in the mix, leaving your band's lead guitar with plenty of space whilst not encroaching one iota on the bassist's territory. It's sonic heaven!
Everything that other reviews say about the flimsy switching is unfortunately true: the selector jiggles sideways as well as up and down, the attractive control knobs have rough edges and the pots look cheap from the restricted view you can get of them. It's a small minus on what is a gorgeous looking guitar, lustrously finished and well set up. Overall quality is hard to fault for the money, though the centre block is obviously a cheap bit of wood and makes the guitar feel quite light (I'm used to Gibson ES 335's with a solid maple billet).
Leaving aside these niggles, there's no other semi-acoustic baritone in the market right now. If you want something unusual which is going to make you stand out, you won't regret buying this cool looking and great sounding guitar.
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766 €
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