Golden Age Premier PRE-73 DLX

Preamplificador de micrófono / línea / instrumento de estilo vintage

  • 1 canal
  • Sin circuitos integrados en la ruta de la señal, sólo componentes discretos como resistencias, condensadores y transistores
  • Diseño interno totalmente soldado y sin conectores
  • Transformadores de entrada de micrófono y salida de línea Carnhill
  • Interruptor de ganancia de 23 posiciones de estilo 1073
  • Filtro de paso alto a 50, 80, 160 o 300 Hz con una pendiente de 18 dB / octava
  • AIR EQ de dos posiciones seleccionables con un realce de aproximadamente 3 o 6 dB alrededor de 30 kHz
  • Alimentación phantom conmutable de + 48V y fase absoluta
  • Entrada combo de micrófono, línea e instrumento XLR / Jack de 6.3 mm balanceada
  • Salida de línea XLR / Jack de 6.3 mm
  • Jack de inserción de 6.3 mm
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación externa
  • Dimensiones: 9.5" /1U

Más información

Canales 1
Número de entradas de micro 1
Entrada de instrumento
Válvulas No
Compresor/limiter No
De-Esser No
Alimentación Phantom
Inversión de fase
Bucle de efectos externo
Salidas analógicas Jack, XLR
Salidas digitales Ninguna
Conexión para auriculares No
Medidor de nivel
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3.5 /5
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To bad the Premier line is also cutting corners.
Votanik , 14.10.2020
My only experience with a 1073-style preamp was with the Warm Audio WA-273, a great sounding unit but I sold it after i noticed a mains hum at the right channel, the one that was close to the power transformer, the hum was barely audible but it was there and after i discover it I became sensitive to it.

One of the key points of my decision to buy this Golden Age Premier PRE-73 DLX was the external power supply so to avoid having again mains hum in my signal. I also heard good words in forums that it sounds identical to the original.

The Warm Audio had better stepped gain switch, it felt military grade while in this unit is just ok, overall all of the buttons are not bad but not as good as Warm's.

If you are wondering where GAP is cutting corners just take a closer look at the front image of the unit... look at the DI's input jack... no bolt around it, it is just like Behringer's cheap guitar pedals. When you buy cheap you do not expect to last so you can not complain, but in this unit an input jack like that is unacceptable.

All the input socket moves as you plug the instrument cable in it, it is also moves when the cable is moving and if you pay attention you will notice some sounds coming as an artifact of that movement.

If you think this is not a big deal just imagine while having an instrument plugged in the DI you stumble up on the connected cable and you pushing force to this connector... most likely it will get damaged.

If you look at the back of this unit ALL the TRS (Out and Insert) are having plastic bolts around them, and these connectors are not for often use cases. Warm Audio had this right with a plastic bolt, BAE and Heritage has it even better with metallic bolt.

The GAP no doubt cut corners in this and cheap out for no reason, I wondering to what else they cheaped out that the eye can not see...

The power's supply cable is thin and feels cheap and fragile, like is meant to power a cheap toy or something

I would rather pay 5 or more euros and have a good sturdy device

The most annoying was that the device came with the oddest malfunction I ever encounter, a malfunction that has to do.... well you guess it, with the DI.

While having connected my Precision bass and turning the bass volume half way down the device produces extreme hum mixed with radio waves, when I plug my humbucker LP guitar this only happens when the LOW-Z button is engaged. If the cable is not plugged to the instrument the device produces extreme hum, way above the expected normal hum.

Other cons are that the knobs are very close together and is not that satisfying working with them, not a big deal though.

The pros of this device is the output pad, I can be very handy in some situations, the leds are faster and overall better than the Warm Audio, AIR EQ is a very welcome addition, i can not comment on its quality though since I never put it to the test.
The half rack size is great too, It can fit in more places on your desk.

I will return the device to Thomann for money back, I rather save money and buy a BAE or I would rather have nothing that is half way there...
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