Flyht Pro WP Safe Box 8 IP65


Maleta de seguridad

  • Maleta estanca al agua, el polvo y el aire
  • Grado de protección: IP65
  • Con asa robusta
  • Sistema Trolley con asa telescópica extraíble
  • Material: Plástico duro resistente a los impactos
  • Aislamiento de goma
  • Válvula frontal compensadora de presión
  • Arco de cierre fijo
  • Gomaespuma piramidal y troquelado fijo en el fondo
  • Temperatura de uso de -25°C a +75° C
  • Dimensiones (largo x ancho x alto): 625 x 420 x 340 mm
  • Dimensiones interiores (largo x ancho x alto): 581 x 360 x 298 mm
  • Material: Polipropileno (PP)
  • Peso: 7,2 kg
  • Inserción personalizable para configuración interior disponible opcionalmente bajo art. n.°: 480976 (no incluido)
Disponible desde Febrero 2019
número de artículo 451440
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Tipo Estuche universal
Interior Bloque de espuma
Material Plástico
Apilable Si
Ruedas Si
Función trolley Si
Certificación IP 65
Color Negro
Peso 7,2 kg
Ancho interno 581 mm
Profundidad interna 360 mm
Altura interna 298 mm
Tipo de construcción Rígida
Ancho interno (mm) 581 mm
Altura interna (mm) 298 mm
Profundidad interna (mm) 360 mm
Clase IP 65
Peso (kg) 7,2 kg
Ancho exterior (mm) 625 mm
Altura externa (mm) 340 mm
Anchura exterior 625 mm
Profundidad externa (mm) 420 mm
Profundidad externa 420 mm
Altura exterior 340 mm
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177 €
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Disponible dentro de 2-3 semanas

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65 Reseñas

Se ve muy bonita y práctica
ajcdu 12.08.2019
Es buena y parece fuerte. Le faltaria algo mas de robustez en la fabricación. Ya veremos con el tiempo si la asa extensible dura
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Good Case for the Money
Stereo Sound and Lighting 31.07.2019
I purchased this case as a cheaper and larger alternative to a Peli 1510 and I am surprised. This case is much larger than the 1510 and 1610. I use this case as a general gig case and it holds a variety of equipment and it holds it all fine and with the wheels, it's easy to move around along with a handle at the top and side so it's easy to pick up.
The plastic overall is study and quite robust and when closed it can be sat on or have stuff on top it without fear of it breaking. Each corner is reinforced with thicker plastic meaning it can take a battering.
The wheels are soft and will wear over time but they're easily replaceable, the wheel mounts will also scratch and graze but that is expected.
The handle makes it easy to move around and is sturdy and feels comfortable to pull.
The locking points are ideal and add extra security to the case but make sure to get long shackle padlocks or ones with at least a 2" or 4cm shackle so it will clear the plastic reinforcements by the locking points.
The case arrived loaded with foam that can easily be cut to size to fit certain items in.
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Sturdy protection for my gear
Maim 07.10.2022
Bought this box almost a year ago. This fits almost al of my camera gear (camera rig, audio equipment, batteries, chargers, extra lens, tape & small grip stuff). This box provides a more affordable alternative to the Pelican cases without compromising too much on quality. I dropped it once, I can sit on it no problem, there is a pressure release valve, etc..

The only downsides are the holes for a padlock that are made out of plastic, as well as the wheels that get worn down rather fast (but nothing to dramatic).

A great hardcase with plenty of room and protection for a affordable price.
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Camera case
Figitarian 09.08.2021
I use this case to store and transport my cameras for filming weddings. It currently holds 3 Canon C100s, along with all my lenses and audio equipment. I use the Flyht Pro Flex Inlay to keep things organised

Previously I had my equipment stored across several camera bags. It's great to have everything in one place. It's a big case, and heavy once it's full of gear, but can easily rolled around. I've had it for a month now and filmed 6 weddings and so far and had no problems
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