EVE audio SC203


Sistema de monitores de 2 vías

  • Respuesta en frecuencia (-3dB): 62Hz - 21kHz
  • Tweeter: µAMT
  • Woofer de medios: 75mm (3")
  • Frecuencia de cruce:4800Hz
  • Máximo SPL a 1m: 94dB
  • Número de amplificadores: 4
  • Potencia de salida (woofer): 30W
  • Potencia de salida (tweeter): 30W
  • Limitador de protección
  • Volumen:-inf. - +6dB
  • Filtro High-Shelf (-5dB - 3dB): >3kHz
  • Filtro de posición: Plano, sobremesa, consola
  • Filtro Low-Shelf (-5dB - 3dB): <300Hz
  • Ajuste de brillo LED
  • Interruptor de saturación de nivel de entrada: +8dbu / +22dbu
  • Interruptor DIP de filtro de satélite: Filtro paso alto de 80Hz
  • Selección de entrada
  • Entrada RCA (impedancia de 10K)
  • Entrada óptica digital (toslink)
  • Entrada USB (tipo B)
  • Salida de subwoofer RCA
  • Consumo de energía en espera <1W y 110VA a pleno rendimiento
  • Inserciones de rosca para montaje posterior
  • Dimensiones: 116 x 190 x 134mm (ancho x alto x profundo)
  • Peso del maestro: 1,9kg
  • Peso del esclavo: 1,7kg
Disponible desde Noviembre 2015
número de artículo 373781
Precio por 1 par(es)
Configuración (redondeado) 1x 3"
Potencia del amplificador por unidad (RMS) 60 W
Protección magnética No
Entrada analógica XLR No
Entrada analógica Jack No
Entrada analógica Minijack No
Entrada analógica RCA
Entrada digital
Corrección de frecuencia manual
Respuesta en frecuencia desde 62 Hz
Respuesta en frecuencia hasta 21000 Hz
Peso 1,9 kg
Forma del recinto - Sistema de graves Membrana pasiva
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519 €
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Compact speakers with high fidelity and connectivity
idyllictux 17.11.2020
EVE SC203 is an excellent near-field pair of monitors. I was so impressed with the spectrum of sound and clarity it produces. I bought this as a replacement/upgrade from my existing PreSonus Eris 3.5 (which exhibits humming and buzzing randomly) while still maintain the strict requirement on limited desk space.

My setup has a JDS Element II hooks to PC via USB as DAC/Pre-amp then connects to EVE SC203 via RCA (maximum 8dBu). EVE SC203 has excellent playback with a consistent, clean and pleasing smoothness. Great clarity, imaging and soundstage observed from such tiny speaker which I can listen for hours. In my opinion, EVE SC203 is very suitable for music with string instrument, female vocal and perhaps drum cymbal. You can get a subwoofer if space isn't the problem as that will improve the bass response for this pair.

Things to note: The cable connecting the left-speaker is special (also not aesthetically pleasing cos of red/blue combination), because the treble and bass each have a class D amplifier, and each box has two class D amplifiers. That's why it has a total of four wires in the cable. I was kinda sad that I couldn't use existing custom speaker cable cos of this special cable. Also the included rubber pads are meant for speaker positioning, and not for vibration reduction.

In conclusion, the EVE SC203s are excellent compact speakers with high degree of fidelity and connectivity (USB, RCA & Optical input). They are very suitable for people who have limited desktop space yet have excellent sound quality. Though such quality comes at a high price, no doubt one can buy larger speakers with similar prices and better effects or with similar sound quality. But in this rather niche compact form factor, a certain level of compromise is needed and these desktop monitors are one of the best if money isn't the problem.
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They are great!
Simon889 04.11.2020
For 444 euros, they are great, I think.

They are small/compact, and they fight to be as flat as possible.

These would be great for bedroom/small room producers, who are looking to also mix/master their own music, obviously with room treatment.

however, when I compared these next to the Adam A3X's, the Adams won hands down, the Adams were more full and tighter in the low-end as well all the way up to 20khz.

The Eve's lack a bit of low-end, the same goes for the mid's/high's.

The Adam's sounded flatter, natural, and rich to me.

The Eves also has a DSP limiter, which was a stupid move by Eve audio, it cancels out all frequencies and they barely reach proper volume, they are probably meant to listen to low volumes.

So I would aim for the eve 204's instead of these if it comes down to getting small monitors for small rooms, I would opt for the eve 203's for listening to music/movies/podcast more so than to mix/master music with these

the soundcard or the a/d converter in one of these speakers has probably ruined these speakers, causing it to sound like there is a limiter.

However, there are the best when it comes to the size comparison, flatter than the micro ilouds, small genelecs, any other in the price range,IMO

I think they are great for those who are looking to mix/master/produce music, in small rooms, obviously with room treatment.
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Excellent and portable
Ian84 11.09.2021
I wanted near-field monitors that would not take up too much space, sound good enough for mixing, and not break the bank. I considered the IK iLouds but I decided to go for the Eves. Apart from the fact that Eve’s founder used to be at Adam Audio, their products, including the SC203s, are used at professional studios. I didn’t want to buy souped-up computer desk speakers, so Eve looked the better option. Small Genelecs or PreSonuses were all much bigger. A few cm don’t seem much until you have the speakers on a small desk…

That was a great choice. The USB connection is great for laptops and mobile setups. The sound is really good for speakers this size. The frequency response is relatively flat down to about 60-80 Hz, which is pretty good. I’ve so far been very happy and the quality of my mixes have improved because they good great. Lots of configuration options and even the option for a 2.1 setup. The rubber feet are perfect for low desks, desks on ear height, and separate stands. The orange pops nicely, so they also look great. They are also quite sturdy.

All in all, I’m very happy. If you’re looking for small, portable near fields, you can’t go wrong with the Eve SC203s.
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Amazing small speakers
Matty S 08.11.2020
Bought these as a first 'professional' set of speakers, requirement being to monitor sound but also for casual listening. Space limited on my desk but needing something with great clarity & range, the Eve SC203 came with many glowing reviews. And the convenience of only needing one power plug for a stereo pair was a further persuading factor.

Now these speakers are not cheap but I am glad to report that you get what you pay for and i cannot fault anything about them. My room is not suitable for a larger monitoring set-up but I am getting a tremendous resolution and range, perfect imaging and soundstage from this little pair. My source is a PC with Asus STX II soundcard which has a very clean sound and is well matched by the SC203.

I love that I am getting a full range in such a small package. The Eve has a very clear but also smooth sound signature without any harsh frequencies or fatigue to my ears. I am confident they will be perfect for longer listening sessions and monitoring audio in various sound design and music applications.

To conclude if you have limited space and/or a less than ideal room then the SC203 may be the best smaller monitors for the money that are suitable for a wide range of applications. I also purchased the Fostex SUBmini to use with them which is a perfect match, hugely improves the sound of the SC203 via a bigger bass response without breaking the bank.
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