ESP E-II Alexi Ripped Sawtooth


Guitarra eléctrica

  • Estilo Heavy
  • Cuerpo de aliso
  • Mástil de arce
  • Diapasón de ébano
  • Montaje del mástil: A través del cuerpo (neck-through)
  • Forma del mástil: 'U' delgada
  • Inlays de 'dientes de sierra'
  • 24 trastes X-Jumbo
  • Cejilla con bloqueo
  • Anchura de la cejilla: 42 mm (1,65")
  • Escala de 648 mm (25,5")
  • Radio del diapasón: 305 mm (12,01")
  • Pastilla EMG HZ FH-2 (puente)
  • Pastilla EMG HZ S2 (mástil)
  • Controles: Volumen e interruptor de realce activo ESP MM-04
  • Interruptor de palanca de 3 posiciones
  • Trémolo Floyd Rose Original
  • Acabado de los herrajes: Cromo
  • Clavijas de afinación Gotoh con bloqueo
  • Incluye estuche
  • Color: 'Purple Fade' satinado con rayas 'Pinstripes' rasgadas
  • Cuerdas de fábrica: Elixir Nanoweb Super Light (.009 / .011 / .016 / .024 / .032 / .042)
  • Fabricada en Japón
Disponible desde Diciembre 2022
número de artículo 527909
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Forma Estilo V
Color Violeta
Cuerpo Aliso
Tapa Ninguna
Mástil Arce
Trastes Ébano
Trastes 24
Escala 648 mm
Configuración de pastillas HS
Incluye maleta
incl. Funda No
Artista Alexi Laiho
Estilo Estilo V
Pala Arce
Trémolo Floyd Rose
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2.999 €
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En stock

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Random internet voice 21.06.2023
Love esp first the good then the bad. 1 the neck is the best neck I have had and the hardware is nice 3 the guitar is light and overall nice unfortunately this one is seriously overpriced. Came with a tunner that would not open so tried little harder until the screw broke. Well no Biggie I am just gonna call thomann and have them send me a new tuner but that was not possible so a lot of emails back and forth and I finally decided to complain about the paint job which is shoddy in the floyed rose cavity . Then more emails and frustrations and finally i tried to assemble the tunner so it could function and I could play the damn thing . 4 weeks went by and the results was that where i rest my palm and fingers the matt paint turns gloss. More emails and finally I sent it back and they could not replace the guitar due to the marks so I then asked for a price reduction instead I got offered like 1,5 procent reimbursement but if they took the guitar back I would have to forgo of 20% . I thought that was unfair so the guitar got sent to be repaired and another month of wait followed. Last week got an email saying they repaired the guitar in good faith because pliers was used on the guitar on the tunners be fair i cannot remember if I used the pliers on the internal looking screw only when I tried to fix it or I also had to use it to get the looking screw loose in the beginning, either way that was the only thing they mentioned I then emailed asking about the shoddy paint job and Thomaan said they would get back to me . They did not and today my axe arrived still with the marks so guess this is my last ESP of the newer ones I am going back to ibanez or maybe try something different next time . The fact that the factory did not think there was anything wrong with a brand new guitar that has been played 2 hours a day for 4 weeks and it loses its paint is just to poor in my opinion, that or the thomaan reps did not mention it even though I wrote it several times in our emails. Anyway now I am looking at my legal rights and will proceed from there if I got a case or else I will try and polish the entire guitar so it becomes gloss instead of matt I am assuming this is easy considering it only took my palms 2 weeks of resting on parts of the body .. but maaann I love that neck . Would I buy this again hell no, do i love the neck hell Yeah.
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