Dynacord RMK 600-3

Kit para montaje en rack

  • 19"
  • Para Powermate-600-3
  • Profundidad: 35cm
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5 / 5.0
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Dynacord RMK 600-3 Review

Steven6671, 08.09.2015
Out of the box after a speedy delivery the desk looks typically Dynacord, simple and well layed out.

The desk arrives as a stand alone unit so you will need to order the brackets to rack this up. The desk is no longer or shorter than a similar standard desk (front to back) but is a little bit smaller left to right and the rack brackets are a slight bit bigger than usual. The desk has quite a small footprint.

In use the desk is easy to set up, the default effects patch (echo and reverb) is useable without any tinkering. The controls are very straight forward, even the digital menus onscreen are simple to follow.

Power out put is sufficient for everything except the very large hall type venues where any system this size would need help. That said it packs a punch!

I cant see any problems with this desk and Im happy so far even though Ive only gigged it twice.

The "Standby" button is a blessing as it mutes the desk without you having to remember any slider positions or use the individual channel mutes to turn off the sound

Id struggle to find negatives but I did encouter a couple of notable considerations.

1, This may seem like a positive negative...and it is.....After switching from a soundcraft desk to a Dynacord I find that using my same speakers I have to back off the bass from its previous 12 oclock position to ten to...If you dont do this the bass is overwhelming..........As I said this is not really a nagative...more of a positive to be aware of.

2, Consideration should be given to the fan positions on the back when placing the desk in a "closed" rack as I have. With no open access to the back the desk will need airflow. Again thats not really a negative....just a consideration. I bought a "Thon" rack from Thormann for this desk.....

All in all its early doors but Im happy with the desk :-)
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