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DW 14"x06" Satin Speciality .205

Caja de 14" x 6"

  • Serie Satin Speciality
  • Casco de arce de 10 capas
  • Anillos de refuerzo de 6 capas
  • Herrajes en negro
  • Color: Tobbaco Burst
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Muestra de sonido

  • Exercise

Más información

Color del casco Rojo
Sparkle No
Fade No
Superficie del casco Lacado, mate
Material del casco Arce
Aros tensores de fundición No
Color de herrajes del casco Negro
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5 / 5.0
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  • Fabricación
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the best snare I've ever used.

I've been a drummer for nearly seven years. And as most drummers know, it's extremely expensive to upgrade drum equipment! So when it was time to upgrade my snare drum, after using my Pearl Export 14" snare, for nearly six whole years (which was a great and sturdy snare! I still use it even now!), I was looking for a snare that would be extremely good quality, with a nice all-rounding and versatile sound, which would also remain the same amazing quality for years to come, and have a very long lifespan.

This DW Satin Specialty snare drum has answered all my queries in one go! For the price you pay, you get so much more than you bargained for!

1. The maple shell is a god send! Maple is the best wood for drums in my opinion, as it is remarkably flexible, meaning it can add a multiple range of sounds and depth to your snare drum. The range is practically limitless! And especially so, when accompanied with the...

2. Three-way tension switch for the snare chain. This is an amazing little toy, which make the snare suitable for literally all kinds of music! This and the amazing focus ring, can instantly change the snare's sound from a poppy and bouncy sound to a nice jazzy washed out sound (which sounds beautiful with brushes or hot rods!) Finally, we come down to...

3. The magnetic chain clamp (as I call it!), it so incredibly cool and useful! If I want to just drop the chain, to give a more reggae sound to the snare, it can be done in a second flat! Getting the clamp back takes a bit more practice, but it can be done!

Overall, this was one of the best buys I did for my whole kit so far. Accompanied with my Gretsch New Classic Maple Kit, this is the best combo ever!

A word of caution though...this snare is ferociously loud! You would definitely need to be extremely graceful and delicate with your ghost notes on this beast! Personally I like this, because it means adding more delicacy and skill when it comes to playing anything from jazz to soul to latin to light blues.

My only real problem, after this snare arrived is that the top skin didn't last too long. In fact it lasted a few hours. I don't know whether that was down to the skin's quality, or the tightness of the hoop on the skin itself, or whether it was just bad luck, but I'm just gonna put it down to the latter. Technically you are meant to change the skin on a new snare almost immediately, so that could have been just an old untreated unused skin, just for show and not for play.

Other than that...buy this snare. people argue that with dw, you're only buying the brand name with less focus on the quality and versatility....not true. dw are an amazing company, and their range of kits and hardware is second to very few! They're one of my favourite brands. And this particular dw drum is a gem indeed!

5 out of 5 stars for price
5 out of 5 stars for quality
5 out of 5 stars for endurance
5 out of 5 stars for versatility
5 out of 5 stars for sound

in other words, buy this snare! :)
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