Diamond Bass Compressor

Pedal de efectos

  • Compresor de graves y agudos
  • Con bajo ruido
  • Ultralineal
  • Búfer de señal
  • Basado en compresión óptica suave
  • Controles para Compresión/Ecualizador/Volumen
  • Interruptor de Ecualización
  • Bypass auténtico
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación de 18V
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Muestras de sonido

  • Compression2 On/Off
  • Compression On/Off

Más información

Tipo de efectos Compresor
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4.9 / 5.0
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Simply amazing
Pier Francesco, 29.03.2013
I tried many compressors, before buying this one. Some of them were crap, some of them pretty good, as the T-Rex Comp Nova. But this Diamond Bass Compressor is absolutely outstanding.

It handles both passive and active basses without distorting, it produces no hiss nor noise, not even at high settings, and it makes my instruments sound tight, clear and powerful. I own a Standard Fender Jazz, a Precision Reissue 57 MIA and a 1990 Warwick Thumb, and with the Diamond switched on they all sound, well... better!

Not only this stomp box is an excellent compressor, but also a sound shaping tool that doesn't alterate the sound of instruments, rather it makes them sound at their best.

I am completely satisfied with the Diamond Bass Compressor.
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Wonderful Bass compressor
Diamond is a wonderful boutique effects manufacturer based in Nova Scotia, Canada. When their guitar compressor CPR-1 came out, it proved very popular amongst guitarists and even was used by many bassists. Thankfully for us bassists, Diamond decided to make a compressor especially for bass with extended lower end and a different center frequency for the tilting EQ.

The controls are simple and the manufacturing quality is absolutely top notch. You are given controls for compression, a tilting EQ with a toggle to choose the center point (turn the knob to the right and frequencies above the tilting point are increased while the other side is decreased - and visa verso. The two options are 900hz (like the CPR-1) and 250hz). The last control is a volume knob. The knobs are perfectly smooth and quiet. The front led has two colors that allow for simple monitoring of compression levels. The pedal ideally runs on 18 volts and has a draw of 18mA.

Diamond however says that the pedal can be run at lower voltages (9v or 12v) with a slight sacrifice in clean headroom. The pedal comes with an adapter and a inverter cable for use with standard Boss, T-Rex, Voodoo Labs style power supplies. The compression ratio is fixed at about 3/1 so it is not great for peak limiting but rather is a great always on tone shaper. The foot-switch is true bypass.

I love the Diamond. I have actually been using it both for bass, electric and even electro/acoustic guitar. It replaced a boutique AnalogMan mini-BiComp on my bass board. I power it from a T-Rex Chameleon power supply on 18 volts using the included inverter cable. I use it always ON with the compressor dial at about 2pm and the volume to taste. The EQ I generally keep flat with bass and move to about 2-3pm with guitar.

The resulting sound is excellent. It is a wonderful tone enhancer providing a lovely, warm compression. With the controls it is appropriate for both low and high output instruments and I love how it sounds on everything that I have put through it. As the mentioned - the ratio is pretty low - so I am not sure it is the most appropriate for slapping, but for any other sort of bass or guitar playing it has become one of my favorites. I find it surprisingly quiet for such a powerful compressor which has to be one of its most valued features.

Other compressors that I use include the MarkBass Compressore (wonderful, Italian, tube, a bit large and a pain to power) and the AnalogMan. The Diamond has taken its place as the main compressor on my board and I see it difficult for that to change for some time.

Highly recommended.
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