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CME Xkey Air 37


Teclado MIDI Bluetooth

  • 37 teclas de tamaño completo con un recorrido de tecla mínimo
  • Funcionamiento inalámbrico con Mac, iPhone y iPad mediante MIDI a través de Bluetooth
  • Compatible con cientos de aplicaciones profesionales y gratuitas
  • Drivers nativos sin instalación de drivers propietarios
  • Carcasa de aluminio cepillado de alta calidad
  • La correa de guitarra CME XClip opcional convierte el Xkey Air 37 en un "keytar"
  • Disparo de teclas a lo largo de toda su longitud
  • Sensible a la velocidad con aftertouch polifónico auténtico
  • 2 botones de pitch bend sensibles a la presión (+/-)
  • Botón de modulación sensible a la presión
  • Botón de sustain
  • 2 botones de cambio de octava (+/-)
  • Rango: -3 a +3
  • App Xkey plus disponible como descarga gratuita y disponible para una configuración personalizada adicional
  • Cada tecla individual puede ser asignada con diferentes mensajes MIDI
  • Batería de litio interna con más de 10 horas de autonomía para un uso inalámbrico Bluetooth continuo
  • 3 indicadores LED para actividad, estado de conexión y carga de batería
  • Conector micro USB para funcionamiento por cable, recarga de batería y actualizaciones de firmware
  • Requisitos inalámbricos: Bluetooth 4.0 (le) o superior
  • Requisitos del sistema para Mac: OS X Yosemite o superior
  • Requisitos del sistema para iPhone/iPad: iOS 8.x o superior
  • Cable micro USB incluido
  • Dimensiones: 553 x 135 x 16mm
  • Peso: 890g
Split Zones 0
Función Layer No
Pitch Bend / Modulation
Encoders giratorios 0
Fader 0
Pads 0
Display No
Interfaz MIDI Ninguna
Conector de pedal Sustain No
Alimentación por red No
Alimentación a pilas
número de artículo 383323
272 €
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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Excellent portable keyboard
Anónimo 21.10.2016
It?s a well constructed keyboard with high quality materials. The 3 octave size is very convenient and with the Solar X-Key bag you can carry it easily anywhere.

It?s performance is the best. It?s very responsive to pressure and the feel of the keys is so realistic despite their slim design.

At the bottom line:

This keyboard doesn?t have the X-Port like the X-Key 37 (not the Air model), to connect expression/sustain pedals.

The bluetooth works pretty well, but if you don?t play during a period of time it is disconnected and you must go the MIDI settings and reconnect it manually there. Anyway, you can configure the amount of time when the keyboard goes to sleep.

I?m very happy with it, better than I expected.
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Great minimalistic MIDI keyboard
Anónimo 15.03.2017
I am an advanced amateur in classical piano and I already have an acoustic piano and a digital piano. However I needed a very small portable keyboard to use with iPad and Mac for composing on the go, as well as for controlling software analog synths since the digital piano hammer action is too heavy and doesn't support aftertouch. I've read a lot about all the competing keyboards in the 25-49 keys range. I was about to purchase an Akai keyboard but then I realized no matter how good a synth action is, it is just that: a synth action that's way too springy and soft for a pianist used to hammer actions. It would always be a sacrifice. So, I decided to go in the complete opposite direction and go for the ultra-portable CME Xkey 37 Air with keys that are unlike any other synth action. And I am really glad I did!

First of all, it's extremely portable, slim and stylish. This can easily be an Apple product because the design follows closely the Apple design traditions. The construction is very sturdy and it seems very tightly built.

The keys - probably the most important thing about a keyboard. On a first sight and touch they appear more like a computer keyboard rather than a piano keyboard (they have a shallow travel for example and are spaced widely), however I may assure you they are very expressive and I was able to dig in right into playing with some synths and even Rhodes piano and acoustic piano patches without feeling I am somehow limited, having a lot of fun and inspiration! :) Mind you, this is not for playing Chopin but you already know that :) The keys are touch sensitive and the default touch curve seems to suit well the various iOS apps I tested it with, including GarageBand instruments. The aftertouch is polyphonic and works fantastic! The modulation is just a button that is pressure sensitive but it is surprisingly good too. Same applies for pitch bend.

I've read there's some slight latency with it being bluetooth and I think I might be able to detect it indeed but it is so tiny it's negligible. Since this is the Air version of the keyboard, it lacks the sustain pedal input of the non-Air version. This and the fact there's no way to see the current battery charge level take one star out for "features".

There's a Mac, Windows, iPad (but not iPhone) management application that you can use to configure the keyboard, as well as to install firmware updates.

Ultimately I am extremely happy with the keyboard and find it a great new music keyboard on itself, maybe not in the strict classical piano way but still very expressive. Highly recommended for people that appreciate a well thought design and innovative features.

- Compact, slim and stylish
- Expressive keyboard with good aftertouch
- Great wireless battery life
- Works as a wired USB MIDI keyboard too and can be powered/charged through the cable

- Keys need getting used to, but for me that was only 5 minutes, then I just enjoy it
- Lacks sustain pedal input compared to the non-Air version
- No battery level indicator (only a on-off light that's on when charging and off when 100% charged)
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Very compact, but limited usefulness
Gajdzin 01.08.2018
1. very, very compact. Sometimes that's the selling point, if you have very little space
2. looks very pretty and Apple-like
1. The keys are mechanically noisy
2. The key travel is too short
3. The velocity sensors are too sensitive and not very linear - can be corrected in software to some degree, but out of the box it's awkward
4. At this price I would expect some simple, soft case to carry it in, since it's so small and portable. I am not going to pay the ridiculous price for the original accessory case.
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I am happy with my purchase of my CME Xkey Air 37
Fouad A. 23.12.2017
I am happy with my purchase of my CME Xkey Air 37. It is going to be a vital part of my traveling music endeavors, and is a keyboard I can quickly grab and noodle around with provided i have my phone (as I usually do) or my iPad
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