Chapman Guitars ML1 RS Rob Scallon EB

Guitarra eléctrica

  • Rob Scallon Signature
  • Cuerpo de fresno de pantano
  • Mástil de caoba (Lophopetalum Javanicum) a través del cuerpo (neck-through)
  • Diapasón de ébano
  • Escala de 648mm
  • 24 trastes de acero inoxidable
  • 2 pastillas humbucker Chapman Passive Aggressive
  • 1 control de volumen
  • 1 control de tono ('push/pull')
  • Interruptor de palanca de 3 posiciones
  • Herrajes en negro satinado
  • Puente 'Hardtail'
  • Clavijas de afinación con bloqueo
  • Acabado: Natural
  • Incluye estuche rígido
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Muestras de sonido

  • Blues
  • Metal
  • Metal 2
  • Prog DI
  • Rock
  • Rockabilly

Más información

Color Natural
Cuerpo Fresno
Tapa Ninguna
Pala Caoba
Mástil Ébano
Trastes 24
Escala 648 mm
Configuración de pastillas HH
Trémolo No
incl. Funda No
Incluye maleta

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A great guitar!

Antonis A., 25.05.2017
Warning, long review following!

I got the guitar yesterday (24/5/2017). It was shipped in her case, and the case was in 2 cardboard boxes, so the packaging was bullet proof. The first impression is great, the guitar looks absolutely custom-grade (well, isn?t it the truth? Ask Rob Scallon himself) and the low weight is something you notice immediately, only 2824 grams! (-update-, the guitar is clearly neck-heavy when you play sitting down, but not in an uncomofortable way like the es-geee's. )The feel is typical to a neck-through guitar, great access all the way and the -justified-impression of a very very long neck. I also like the non-gloss feel of the neck. The neck itself feels like an Ibanez maybe, but NOT so skinny, it is pleasant and 'transparent' and nicely slim D-shaped. The spot where the neck 'becomes' the body is curved, no problem with access there. The body is lightly finished in natural and maybe you will get scratches and dents soon, but this is the point of getting a natural guitar. It already had some dents and I think it was not Thomann's fault, they seem to be there from the factory, nothing terrible, you must show some understanding that this finish is easy to get little dents here and there.

The setup was perfect, according to my taste. I did NOTHING to adjust it (nice touch from Chapman guitars, the page with the trussrod tips) and the saddles were fine tuned and with no sharp screws that annoy you when muting (even the expensive Fen@#$ are unpleasant in this detail). The frets are nicely polished and tall (but not very wide, I suppose something close to 6105's). Also the fretboard edge seems rounded and so do the fret edges. The pots are in recessed curves, they were a bit stiff, especially the volume, but I fixed it with a little contact spray. The cavity (that often gives some more insight to the guitar company and the craftmanship) is tidy, contact-paint ok, everything soldered well and tied up. I noticed some splinters here and there, to be fair, and this does not match with the overall look/feel/sound/price of the guitar. Just to be fair. The plastic cavity cover has the aluminum foil BUT it does not make contact with the cavity conductive paint, I made there a conductive bridge, maybe not so tragic or necessary, everything is shielded properly, but I wanted to do so. Update- I finally soldered again some contacts,made them better and shielded all signal runs and also installed a better-bigger cable wire from the volume to the input socket, I think the factory used a cheaper one and thinner, too bad, still another detail that does not match the quality and class of the guitar... Also installed a treble bleed cap to volume, way more useful now -. The tuners are locking, although I have had 20+ guitars in my life (and 80% of them bearing well-known emblematic names?), never had experience with them before, but they rotate easily and with accuracy. Maybe I would prefer that the strings would go in a straight line from the nut to the tuners, but ok, the angle is not so increased like other guitars (Gib#$$$ let's say). Another pleasant detail is the GraphTech nut, had (and have) a lot of them, they always seem to work fine.

The pickups are direct-mount, supposed to get a slightly better sound, but I think maybe they move somewhat more than I would like to. Nothing terrible, though. The sound is clear in all 3 positions, and also very balanced for high gain tones. The split is on Tone pot and really makes a difference with some single-coil-like tones (not exactly, of course, but you can decently play your blues version of ... -fill in your song-). The strings are the new long life DaDDarios, they play nice and rather bright. I must say that the guitar makes a great sound unplugged (you all know the scene, past midnight, you want to play 2-3 notes, you believe that it won't wake someone up AND still the guitar is loud!).

The hardshell case is a nice add to the whole package and will protect your beloved instrument. A very thoughtful detail is the straplocks already bolted to the body and the other half of them in the case, ready to be installed to your strap. If you already have straps with locks, like I did, you can immediately hang your guitar with safety. Nice!

The funny picks and stickers from Thomann inside the case, add to a friendly aura and give you an extra joy, in the first opening of the case, while you are impatient to get your guitar in your hands. Last BUT not least, I must give a lot of congratulations to THOMANN guitar dept customer service and especially to mr Robin Nunn, the Dep. manager guitar department, who was uneartlhy fast, accurate, friendly and helpful, to the point that maybe no-one would believe me if I told how much!

The guitar is made in Korea (cheaper ones made in Indonesia), and is sold by Chapman, I have seen the same guitar a couple of years ago under the Schecter name (more expensive, without case and without all the other little stuff here and there) . Chapman guitars is a guitar friendly company, I think. Come on, you all have watched the hillarious Chappers/Cap10 videos! They give you a product and seem to know what makes you happy and what was missing from other purchases of yours. It is not expensive to go and buy some strap locks, but hey, they give you a pair. I hope the guitar will stand the test of time, the test of live use and so on. Ok maybe if you want to sell it someday, the brand name is not like the other 2-3 names that hold the market , and get easily sold as a used piece, but if you want a custom-grade guitar (the custom word is used widely, anyway) with a reasonable price and full of features, maybe, I say maybe, you should consider this, also.

If you managed to read the full review, you deserve a glass of beer!
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Piece of art

VMAL, 31.07.2017
A very beautiful looking guitar! It sounds amazing and the coil split option makes it very versatile allowing both a single coil or humbucker type of sound with the pull of a button.

The lack of "paint" gives it that little bit more of character and let's the grains of the wood through. The guitar looks more "rustique". The ebony fret board is fast playing.

Not sure if it is the guitar itself or the strings, but out-of-the-box playing makes you work harder allowing for just an itch of more detail. I find myself playing more mellow and with more feeling.

The straplocks, cleaning cloth and hard case just finish everything off.

Great guitar, though perhaps not for beginners.
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