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beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro 250 Ohm


Auriculares de estudio Premium

  • Para mezcla y mastering
  • Tecnología Tesla 2.0
  • Dinámicos
  • Abiertos
  • Diseño circumaural
  • Impedancia de 250 Ohmios
  • Nivel de presión sonora: 102 dB/SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 5 - 40000 Hz
  • Entrada máx.: 200 mW
  • Almohadillas de cuero sintético
  • Cable recto de 3 m
  • Cable en espiral de 5 m (estirado)
  • Conector mini XLR de 3 pines
  • Incluye adaptador de 6,3 mm, almohadillas de velour, estuche rígido y bolsa de cuero sintético
  • Peso sin cable: 370 g
Diseño Over-Ear
Sistema Abierto
Impedancia 250 Ohm
Respuesta en frecuencia 5 Hz – 40000 Hz
Cable intercambiable
Color Negro
Disponible desde Agosto 2016
número de artículo 394980
Respuesta en frecuencia desde 5 Hz
Respuesta en frecuencia hasta 40000 Hz
SPL Max. 102 dB
Tipo de conector Minijack
Peso 370 g
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425 €
Sin gastos de envío e incluyendo IVA.
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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Professional tool
Joanemele 19.02.2020
This headphones are intended to be used for mixing but you can always enjoy listening to your favourite music.

I tried DT770 and read a lot about Beyer headphones before buying and some people complained about being bright and harsh. I've been using Sony MDR7506 for 15 years and this are bright so Beyer sounds neutral in comparison and Sennheisser HD650 sounds darker than Beyer and way more duller than Sony.

But after a learning time (yes, new gear comes with a learning time and the burn in period is not always intended for gear but for ourselves) I found Beyer very balanced and detailed. I wouldn't entirely rely on headphones to mix but I can trust what I'm hearing and don't have surprises when I play my projects through studio monitors.

About impedance: 250ohms is a pretty high number but I have no issues listening to music through phone, laptop, audio interface, mixing console...There's no need to a dedicated headphone amp to run this headphones on healthy levels.

I won't enter into snake oil words like thunderous bass, sparkling highs etc. This headphones are honest. This is the biggest compliment I can say for monitor gear (headphones, monitors, controllers) What you listen is what's on the record. I know my mix is not finished if I don't feel excitement while listening on monitors, crappy radio and Beyer DT1990 Pro headphones.
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Una Herramienta Impresionante
Track Track 14.07.2020
Lo utilizo para valorar las mezclas en todo su rango de frecuencias, se acercan mucho a lo que después en distintos reproductores voy a oír,igual mezclo en mi Estudio como en casa!! Puedes estar varias horas mezclando sin notar excesivo cansancio!!Comodos y fiables.
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El mejor!
FellReis 22.07.2018
Ya sabeis que los alemanes tiene la fama de hacer buenos productos. Con esos cascos no fue diferente. Perfeccion desde la caja hasta el ultimo detalle de sonido. Un rango perfecto y una dinamica incredible.
Puedes escuchar hasta el minimo detalle sin tener que subir mucho el volumen y la comodidad de los cazcos te dejan trabajar por horas sin ningún tipo de problema.
De verdad que los recomendo. Mis mesclas mejoraron unos 30 - 35%. Sin dudas el mejor casco para mesclas.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Simply awesome!
loriamichele 03.09.2019
After a couple of weeks of gathering all sorts of information about reference headphones in the market, I decided to go for the Beyerdynamic's DT-1990 Pro. The main reason was to add a reference listening device to my home studio setup, and I must say I'm definitely amazed by the overall quality of the product.

So here's my detailed review, after one month of relatively moderate usage (~4 hours average per day):

The build quality is very high, they seem quite durable and sturdy.
In terms of comfort, the weight is not really an issue since the materials used in the ear cups (especially the analytical ones) and the band are of very high-quality. My only concern is that, after long sessions, the heat around the ears can become a little bit annoying, but it's not a major issue since its root cause can be related to lots of different factors.

Let's move to the sound: very, very, very good.
Sound stage is huge, brightness and clarity are first citizens, along with high transient speed and good resolution. Stereo imaging is very accurate as well. Given their open-back design, they fall into the airy side and give you the impression that you're actually not listening to a pair of headphones at all, which is very impressive to me.
The bass response is very linear and distinct. No noticeable roll off even at sub-bass frequencies.
The mid range is a little bit forward, but that's exactly where the Tesla driver shines: they provide astounding clarity and speed, making mix work very accurate.
The trebles are also very accurate and clear; the only thing to notice in this range though is that there's a noticeable peak at around 8.5kHz, which can result in highlighting sibilant sounds; when it comes to mixing, this could be very useful (since it helps in spotting issues e.g. with vocals or acoustic recordings), but from a pure listening perspective, this could cause some annoyances to very demanding audiophiles.

Given their price, I think it would need to be doubled in order to find something significantly better.

No need to mention Thomann's celerity, super fast delivery times and great customer service!

Short recap: if you need a pair of reference headphones for your home studio and those are in your budget, definitely get them! You won't regret it for sure.
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