Behringer WING


Consola digital de 48 canales

  • Nuevo enfoque de ruteo orientado a las fuentes en lugar de a los canales
  • Completamenta compatible con las consolas Behringer X32/Midas M32 y cajas de escenario
  • Emulaciones Vintage de EQs, compresores y Gates disponibles en cada una de las 40 entradas estéreo
  • 40 entradas estéreo
  • 8 entradas auxiliares estéreo
  • 28 Buses: 16 estéreo Aux, 8 matrices estéreo y 4 Manin estéreo
  • 24 Faders en 3 secciones completamente programables
  • Pantalla táctil de 10''con ángulo ajustable
  • Sección Custom Control programable
  • 8 preamplificadores de micrófono Midas Pro
  • 8 salidas de línea analógicas Midas
  • 8 entradas Aux
  • 6 salidas Aux y 2 salidas de monitor: Jack mono de 6,3 mm simétricas
  • 2 salidas de auriculares
  • 3 puertos AES50: 48x48 canales por puerto, longitud de cable hasta 80 metros
  • MIDI I/O
  • 2 GPIOs programables
  • Interfaz USB de 48x48 canales
  • Ranura de expansión inclusive tarjeta WING-LIVE
  • Grabador /reproductor SD de 64x64 canales
  • Puerto StageCONNECT de 32 canales para monitorización personal
  • 16 motores FX: 8 Premium y 8 Standard
  • EQ de 6 bandas en las entradas
  • EQ de 8 bandas en las salidas
  • Medidas (Al x An x Pr): 201 x 870 x 575 mm
  • Peso: 24 kg
  • Funda guardapolvo no incluida (disponible opcionalmente bajo art. n°: 480990)
  • Caja disponible opcionalmente bajo artículo n.° 499924 (no incluido)
  • Tarjeta de expansión Dante disponible opcionalmente bajo artículo n.° 512976 (no incluido)
Disponible desde Diciembre 2019
número de artículo 478472
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Max. número de canales de entrada 48
Entradas de Micrófono 8
Entradas de línea analógicas 0
Salidas de línea analógicas 8
Entr./ salidas analógicas ampliables por tarjeta No
Entr./ salidas digitales ampliables
Word Clock No
Fader motorizado
Interfaz de audio USB
Puerto MIDI
Interfaz de usuario Físico / Remoto
Nº de faders 24
Nº de Canales DSP 48
Nº de salidas DSP 16
Nº de Previos de micrófono 8
Nº de entradas Mono-Linea 8
Nº de entradas Stereo de Linea 0
Salidas Físicas 16
Conector para caja de escenario digital AES50
Ethernet Ethernet
Hotspot No
Grabación Multipista Si
Interfaz de Audio USB-B
Reproductor / Grabador integrado vía USB / SD Stereo
Formato de grabacion WAV
Espacio para marcar 1
Procesador de efectos 16
EQ de 31 bandas (nº de canales) 16
Retardo de entrada configurable 1
Retardo de salida configurable 1
Matriz (nº de conexiones) 8
Grupos DCA/VCA 16
Conector MIDI Midi-Din
Frecuencia de muestreo 48 kHz
App de Monitoraje 1
Sistema de monitoraje personal (por separado) Opcional
Nº de bahias de expansión 1
Dante Opcional
Compatible 110 V 1
Maleta Opcional
Alto (mm) 201 mm
Ancho (mm) 870 mm
Profundidad (mm) 575 mm
Peso (kg) 24 kg
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3.699 €
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Mujy buena mesa
Jose Maria S. 04.10.2020
Formidable esta mesa en la que estoy gozando como un niño pequeño. Suena muy bien y no he tenido ningun problema en entenderla. Si te quieres comprar una mesa que practicamente tenga de todo es esta. Mi valoracion un 9 como mesa. Vengo de una x32 y no veais que diferencia sobre todo para mi estudio.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Amazing features, poor support from Behringer
Dave T Scotland 25.03.2022
Once again an amazing follow up to the already fantastic X32, however once again Behringer have rushed this out (like the X32) where the public are the guinea pigs for the testing in a live environment, promised features are missing but have been still promised (think in terms of the X32 where 96k and mp3 playback and loadable plugins were all mentioned but never arrived), once again like x32 the iPad etc software is abysmal and no where near complete (still no offline editor). The biggest issue (that thank god hasn't affected myself) is the touch screen ghost touch issue - expect the console to be away minimum 6 months (and in some cases over a year) for repair. Behringer still promising lots, but seem too engaged in their copy cheap synths rather than completing promised features and fixing issues on such a flagship device. Show control is one of the biggest features still missing 2 years down the line even although the hardware button is there on the desk, its more like an ornament as its useless until the feature is added. That said, the desk for the price is an amazing piece of kit and does everything and more 99% of engineers could ask for. Every day with it is a school day where more and more features are found or shortcuts etc. Would I buy another? not just now until the bugs are fixed, promised features are added and the software sorted, and repair turnaround times are address should the unthinkable happen.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Not what you'd expect!
Coxy 25.02.2020
This mixer is great, undoubtedly the best at its price point by a large margin. For similar flexibility you'll have to look at A&H's SQ7 or Yamaha's QL5, but you'll find many features within the wing that neither the SQ or QL have are in the Wing, with many more on the way. It's new approach to routing can be a little confusing at first, but this is in order to maximise flexibility and is actually very intuitive after a short familiarisation period. There are a few features within the firmware that are as yet unreleased while the developers are finalising the functionality. Some see this as a disadvantage, but I am finding that the features currently enabled in the firmware already put it above the X/M32, and music group are listening to current users in the development of future firmware releases.
The sound quality is first class - the on board mic preamps and output stages are from the Midas Pro range - although users will need to own or purchase an additional stage box to take advantage of all the available mix channels. All round an astoundingly capable mixer for the money.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Midas should be paying attention.
Nick Pitas 04.02.2021
Fits my needs in any studio, live or broadcast scenarios.
The sound is fantastic.
Veeery quick workflow.
The 2 stars missing in the features are going to dissapear when the internal dante card is announced.
Then, this console will be irresistible.
I mean, 3x aes50 usb, 48 channel audio interface, AES/EBU, works with MIDAS stageboxes, internal dante, GPIO, well behaved remote control (using the mixing station app), midi, stage connect, well behaved talkback, multitrack plus 2 track recording and playback.
I mean, come on guys. You can't beat the price given the quality of sound coming out of it.
And again, working in that console is a blast!
Excellent tool for the money paid.
All of my love is dedicated to Behringer and Thomman.
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