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Toontrack New York Studios Collection

Toontrack New York Studios Collection Bundle, contains: Superior Drummer 2.0 + NY Studios Vol.2 and Vol.3 SDX, 11 complete Drum-Sets, 26 Snares & 17 Bassdrums, Superior Drummer 2.0 Features: drums plug-in with large library, 5-band EQ, hi & lo-pass filter, compressor, gate and transient designer, professional MIDI files, DVD (PC/Mac), VST/AU/RTAS/standalone (Stand-alone-mode requires free Toontrack-Solo hostingsoftware). NY Studios Vol.2 Features: expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.0, contains high end acoustic drums from New York's legendary Hit Factory & Allaire Studios. DVD, SDX-format (Superior Drummer Sounds). NY Studios Vol.3 Features: expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.0 (not included), contains 3 Drumsets (Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers) recorded in the Avatar Studios New York City, 18 GB Drumsounds, incl. MIDI-Library and Mix-Presets, SDX-Format (Superior Drummer Sounds).

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Analogue Classics No
Beat production / Drum machines No
Wind Instruments No
Cinematic / Effects No
Chorus / Vocals No
Drums / Percussion Yes
E-Pianos No
Ethno / Folk No
Orchestra Instruments No
Organs No
String Bass No
Sampler No
String Instruments No
Synthesizer No
Hardware Controller No
DSP-based No
Copy protection Challenge-Response
Stand Alone Yes
AAX Native Yes
Audio Units Yes
Propellerheads RE No
VST2 Yes

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Toontrack New York Studios Collection + Toontrack SDX Roots-Sticks + Toontrack SDX Roots-Sticks + Toontrack SDX Roots-Sticks +
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Toontrack New York Studios Collection
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Won't get better drum sounds!

I actually bought both EZ Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer after much research, because I liked both EZ's simple interface which gets the job done and I also liked that Superior Drummer used 6 different kits in 3 studios, but I also liked that for all 4 I paid ¤408, which I think is a fair deal. You'll never need to record drums again.

Pros: The pro's include amazing flexibility, I love how the different studios effect the different drums, I love the edit ability within the mixer and how you can use Aux tracks to separate out the drums which is a huge plus for mixing as it doesn't use up much CPU and the tracks will bounce without needing to be printed. The best feature is the ability to follow host, (make sure you're DAW is counting on quarter notes as I discovered PTs counting in half notes on the clock when means redoing all your midi parts again which obv wastes time.) another plus is the browser is very clear and you can use both EZ drummer and Superior Drummer interfaces together with the two sample library's.

Cons: The preview button also uses the main player on superior drummer meaning that if you click play on your daw you have to stop the play button on the SD each time which can be frustrating.
The installation is a bit of a nightmare, I installed all the discs which took me from about 7pm until about 3am in the morning. Despite having the discs I still needed so many updates once is registered my product and also needed the new installers from the downloaded section of the website. If I tell you each disc 1 installer and I had about 6 discs in each pack of 3 boxsets you can do the maths to see how long this takes.

N.B: Definitely download the sample content into an exterior drive! It works fine, there's no latency thankfully. There's 50GBs in total, you don't want that on your Macintosh HD I can tell you.

Overall an excellent product so far, but complex enough to use. My advice is use the default settings in the mixer and do your own mixing in your DAW as you would a normal recorded drum kit.
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Software Instruments
Software Instruments
These days, software instruments seem to most like the natural thing to use as a sound source in a com­puter-based studio.
There are a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments.
More people than ever are now convinced of the advantages of plug-ins. Why?
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sampling technology is no longer restricted to large studios!
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Airturn PED Pro

Multi-functional Bluetooth Controller with Two Foot-switches Wireless page turner for turning digital content (such as notes, eBooks, presentation programs, etc.), For Mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet computers that support Bluetooth Smart Ready, Flat construction with height of 18...

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