Tama HP910LWLN Speedcobra Double


Double Foot Pedal for Left-Footed

  • Speedcobra series
  • Pedal mechanism is distinguished by its new, unique design
  • Recessed footplate
  • Fastball spigot bearings
  • Lite-chainring
  • Movable spring suspension for a softer feel
  • Hinge Guard Block - Heel plate and hinge made of three separate components for more robustness
  • Para Clamp II Pro
  • Super Stabilizer design
  • New Accu-Strike mallets
  • Cobra Coil pedal plate spring
Incl. Floor Plate Yes
Incl. Strap No
Chain Yes
Chain Drive Round
Incl. 2-4 way beater No
Incl. Pedal Bag, Or Case Yes
Fås siden November 2015
Artikelnummer 375970
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3.666 kr
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best choice drumming wise i have ever made
twisted freak 18.03.2018
i have had my eyes on speed cobras for quite a long time now and they are truly amazing.

they are ridiculously smooth,they are multiple points on which you are able to modify and them points are pretty much all you need.

straight out the box they feel amazing even with 5 mins of playing with settings they can feel even more amazing the more time you spend the better they get better i even felt like my playing improved slightly.

pros... incredibly smooth bearings, springs feel great, there is next to no wiggle on the foot bored. pedals comes in a hard case well designed and the pedals use hex head screws as well as lugs and the drum key has the lug key and hex head key, the slave pedal has a holder that holds the key really securely

cons with the pedals...the springs make a weird rattly sound time to time and being a lefty pedal as all brands seem to do this though, is they use the same slave drive shaft as the right hand pedals leaving a clamping lug in a awkward place to get to.

the case is a great case but it can be awkward to carry also doesn't have a strap for it makes it bit more of a pain

apart from the few small bits the pedals are perfect could not ask for more incredibly well built, smooth i really would recommend these
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