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Synapse Audio Produktoversigt
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Synapse Audio The Legend
Synapse Audio The Legend
Synapse Audio The Legend (ESD); virtual synthesizer; meticulous and faithful emulation of one of the most famous vintage analog synths; each component and assembly was examined and modeled exactly; all characteristics like temperature drift, the snappy filter or the fast envelopes have been implemented; additionally...
90 €
669,02 DKK
Synapse Audio Hydra
Synapse Audio Hydra
Synapse Audio Hydra (ESD); virtual synthesizer; flexible and clearly arranged subtractive synthesizer features special oscillator routing; three oscillators, two of them with 39 waveforms, can be routed in three different ways; multimode filter with resonance; envelopes with percussive mode for drum sounds; dual voice and...
55 €
408,85 DKK
Synapse Audio EKS Pro
Synapse Audio EKS Pro
Synapse Audio EKS Pro (ESD); virtual kickdrum synthesizer; synthesis concept dedicated to EDM bass drum sounds; contains six sound models, a mix of vintage hardware emulations, and new, modern kick drum sound models; LFO and envelope for pitch modulation and amp envelope; four timbre controls;...
36 €
267,61 DKK
Synapse Audio Dune 2
Synapse Audio Dune 2
Synapse Audio Dune 2 (ESD); virtual synthesizer; flexible synthesizer features virtual analog oscillators, wavetable and FM synthesis; two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators, each 8x unison; 16 voices of polyphony (up to 520 oscillators); zero-delay feedback filters; four graphical envelopes (MSEG); three LFOs; versatile 32...
151 €
1.122,47 DKK

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