Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5

Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW)

V10 including update to 10.5 (download) when activated from 16.10,2019

  • 32 Bit integer and 64 bit float
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously usable audio and MIDI tracks
  • Supports up to 256 physical inputs and outputs
  • 5.1 Surround support
  • Score Editor
  • Key editor
  • Drum editor
  • Sample editor
  • Multi-track editing
  • Intelligent composition tools such as Chord Track and Chord Assistant
  • Chord pads
  • Control room feature
  • Warp quantisation
  • Take Comping
  • Track versions
  • VariAudio 3
  • Extensive mix console
  • VCA fader
  • Wave meters
  • High-End audio and MIDI effects plug-ins
  • Virtual instruments such as HALion Sonic SE 3, Groove Agent SE 5, Padshop, Retrologue 2 and LoopMash 2
  • MixConsole History and MixConsole Snapshots
  • Sampler track including library
  • Audio Alignment for layering and synchronising multiple recordings to a reference track
  • AAF import and export
  • Latency monitor
  • Distroyer effect processor
  • Vintage verbs for REVerence
  • HiDPI support for high-resolution screens on current macOS systems (limited support for Windows 10)
  • Plug-in drag and drop
  • MPE support for multi-dimensional controllers
  • 5 GB of sounds and loops
  • Steinberg Virtual Reality Support
  • ARA support
  • Language Version: GB / D / F / I / ES / PT / JP / ZH / RU
  • USB eLicenser included

Note: Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup and registration - the installation may require additional downloads - no installation media included!

System requirements:

  • 64-bit Windows 10 version 1903/64-bit Windows 10 version 1809
  • MacOS Mojave / macOS Catalina
  • At least 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 30 GB free storage
  • ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended

Yderligere info

Clip-Matrix No
Effects Yes
Virtual Instruments Yes
Notation Printing Yes
MP3 Export Yes
Surround Yes
VST2 Yes
VST3 Yes
Audio Units No
AAX native No
Rewire Yes
Windows compatible Yes
Mac OSX compatible Yes
Linux compatible No

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
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Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5

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I alt
It might be perfect.
CISPLAT1N, 11.04.2020
So I've used this for about a week now. Came from Cubase 5. Yes that version :(

I've recorded one song(well most of it)

Remember that I'm, comparing to Cubase 5 and these are my ups.

As far as I can see. Shortcuts are the same.

F3. The mixer. This have changed a lot and you can do everything in here. I've used this a lot because you can add anything instantly. You don't like this delay? Try this or this. It's instant. Goes with all plug ins.

I've used the chord thing a lot. Didn't plan on that. But it's so easy to implement. So there you go.

In substance this is Cubase 5 just easier and more convenient. No miracles found here.

One thing though and it might not have nothing to do with the product. Recordings are cleaner. As in zero noise. I've been looking for a permanent noise gate build-in. But couldn't find one.

So I don't know about that.

Anyway. Is it worth it's price? Yeah I guess so and the alternative is no Cubase. Right? LOL :)

It's worth it though.
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I alt
Must have for everyone
dek123, 04.04.2020
I use Cubase to make and mix my music in my home studio for about three years. Of course, I use some additional plugins (Waves, soundtoys, etc), but Steinberg did a really good job with their own plugins, which sound great (amps, racks, delays, reverbs) especially after my old Cubase 5.
But what I liked the most — VariAudio, which makes absolutely smooth pitch correction to vocals. Included big collection of loops and samples gives space to make some music in a new way.
The same can be said about 'Groove Agent'. Don't have any idea what to do with the drum part? Just choose one of the preset closer to the mood of your track, drag and drop the patterns to your midi track with your favorite drum pack, make little corrections, and that's it — ideal drums are ready just in a few clicks.
The interface is really friendly. It's this nonsense, of course, but I like that now I can choose an icon for each track. Now the navigation inside the project can be organized not only with colors but also with icons.
And (that's really important) Cubase 10 is stable. It has been almost a year since I bought it, and during this time the program has never glitched. Definitely, I recommend this DAW to everyone: from amateurs to professionals.
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Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
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Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW) V10 including update to 10.5 (download) when activated from 16.10,2019 32 Bit integer and 64 bit float, Unlimited number of simultaneously usable audio and MIDI...

Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5 Crossgrade
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5 Crossgrade
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4.099 DKK
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