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Pioneer DDJ-RZ

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Future Music

Pioneer DDJ-RZ DJ Controller

Forfatter: Si Truss · Antal sider: 1
Pioneer’s rekordbox librarian software has long been a staple tool for many DJs, allowing them to analyse, tag and organise digital music files before transferring them to CD or USB, ready to be played on Pioneer equipment complete with pre-prepared metadata and beat grids. The company have produced their fair share of controllers too, although – until late last year – these have always relied on third-party applications. That changed with the release of rekordbox DJ, an expanded version of the library application which added player, mixing and performance tools to directly rival the likes of Traktor and Serato. Released alongside a range of softwarespecific controllers, the move changed rekordbox into a fullyintegrated digital DJing platform, which aims to bridge the gap between the laptop and the CDJ.

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