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Roland BA-330

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Guitarist 5/2010

Roland BA330

Forfatter: Paul Day · Antal sider: 1
Yet another self-contained, pint-size PA, Roland’s latest little ’un packs plenty into minimal measurements. The BA-330 delivers 15 watts stereo via four 6.5-inch speakers and two tweeters. It runs on mains or battery power and comes in a nicely presented, supercompact cab weighing an easily heftable 13.8kg. The onboard mixer offers two mono and two stereo channels, each with appropriate XLR and/or jack inputs. Relevant controls comprise volume and tone, with master level partnering treble and bass pots. A switchable effects section offers reverb or delay, while other facilities include antifeedback filtering and connections covering an auxiliary input, line out and stereo link.

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