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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Reborn

3.055 € 22.739,07 DKK
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Forventes på lager d. 09.12.2016

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Guitarist 4/2010

Mesa/Boogie MultiWatt Dual Rectifier 100W head

Forfatter: Nick Guppy · Antal sider: 1
Long before many of the guitarists in today’s metal bands had even been born, Mesa Engineering founder Randall Smith had already written his own chapter in rock history with the creation of the original Boogie amplifier. Possibly for the very first time, here was a manufacturer who was totally hip to the concept of the guitar amplifier as a musical instrument in its own right. Players such as Santana and Larry Carlton developed a significant part of their styles based on what the Boogie could do and soon guitarists weren’t only noted for being Les Paul or Stratocaster aficionados, but also ‘Boogie’ players.

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