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Electro Harmonix Metal Muff/ Top Boost

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Guitarist 4/2006

ElectroHarmonix Metal Muff

Forfatter: Chris Vinnicombe · Antal sider: 1
Alongside the Little Big Muff, Electro- Harmonix has introduced a brand new addition to the stable in the shape of the Metal Muff, or Metal Muff With Top Boost, to give its full title. Looking all S&M thanks to its spiky take on the classic logo and black and chrome livery, this promises to be the dirtiest Muff yet. Although most players will associate Top Boost with Vox amplifi cation and all things sixties, in this case, Electro- Harmonix has included the feature with a view to ensuring that those riffs and solos scythe through a dense mesh of dirty rhythm guitar.

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