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Gretsch Billy Bo G6199

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Guitarist 12/2005

Gretsch BillyBo Jupiter Thunderbird

Forfatter: Dave Burrluck · Antal sider: 1
If you were to combine two of the guitar’s most colourful characters, it’d be hard to beat the combination of Billy Gibbons and Bo Diddley. Generations apart they may be but both are eccentric, and both know how to make their music dance. Long-time Gretsch user Bo Diddley knew how to put on a show in his day, and his Thunderbird tailfi n-shaped electrics and rectangular guitars were all part of his influential act. Hey, he even came up with a beat… And Billy Gibbons, as last month’s feature on his new book Rock + Roll Gearhead proved, is no stranger to the weirdest of guitars. So how did this latest dual signature model come about?

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