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Yamaha MSP 7 Studio

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Future Music 2/2007

Yamaha MSP7 Studio

Forfatter: Jon Musgrave · Antal sider: 1
Yamaha’s success with studio monitors is well documented. But try as they might, they’re still struggling to move on from the NS10. The fact that they still change hands for reasonable money second-hand – and the introduction of their own powered HS series – pretty much says it all. Even so, a few years back they launched the MSP range, and these monitors have gradually repositioned Yamaha as a desirable brand in the active monitor world of today. As I remember, the MSP10 Studio (almost a mid-fi eld in size) is an excellent-sounding monitor. A few months back they announced a couple of new models (MSP5 Studio and MSP7 Studio) to enhance and update the range.

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