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Den store Thomann online-rådgiver: Brass Mutes

4. Bucket Mutes

The bucket mute is quite literally a ‘bucket’ which fits over the bell of a trumpet or trombone. Modern versions either clip to the bell of the instrument, or are held in place by corks inside the bell, as with straight and cup mutes. The latter method is a little more convenient for quick changes - clipping a bucket mute to a trombone especially can be both awkward and noisy! The bucket section of the mute is usually filled with cotton wool and creates a very soft, smooth sound.

Denis Wick Trumpet Cup Mute
picture on left side: Humes & Berg Trombone Bucket Mute (clip attachment)
Picture on right side: Jo-Ral Trombone Bucket Mute (inserts into bell)

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