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Recording Synths Through Guitar Amps: 5 Tips
Ever con­sider recor­ding synths through a guitar amp? Why, you ask? This article explains and gives some tips...
The Grand Jam: Perform at a Gigantic Stadium Concert
Save the date: 25th of June, Frank­furt am Main! Par­ti­ci­pate in the gig of your life­time, THE GRAND JAM! Updated...
Hello New Gear - May 2022
May has arrived and with it some pretty ver­sa­tile gear. Have a look!
8 of the best Mother's Day songs for your playlist
Know any songs appro­p­riate for Mot­her's Day? We have a short list here for you (or for your mom)!
Drum Accessories: Innovations & Novelties from 2021
Drums are the oldest instru­ment on our planet. But innova­tors keep coming up with new acces­so­ries to improve...
Travel Guitars and other Instruments for Vacation
Tra­ve­ling with instru­ments is hard, unless you know a few tips.! Check these out...
Quiz - Music Theory Basics
How well do you know your basic music theory?
11 Tips for a Strong Voice
Want to know how to main­tain a strong sin­ging voice? Some tips here...
Build! Design! Win! Be part of our #DIYKitChallenge22
Do you remember last year's DIY Kit chal­lenge? Well, we're doing it again and we want you to par­ti­ci­pate...
Gear for Gamers & Streamers
The right tech­nical equip­ment is essen­tial, whether you want to game or want to deliver per­fect podcasts and video­casts. Check out our selection here...
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