Lake People G109-P HighEnd Phoneamp

High-end headphone amp

  • Highest possible transmission quality for low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones
  • Electronically balanced inputs
  • Unbalanced inputs with priority
  • DC coupled amplifiers (switchable)
  • Gain switchable in 3 steps
  • NF Frequency range 150 kHz (-3 dB)
  • High grade Alps RK 27 potentiometer with optimised channel balance and low crosstalk
  • Toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors
  • Discrete amplifier design
  • Outputs with relay controlled switch-on delay
  • Two headphones may be connected via 1/4" jacks on the front panel
  • Power supply via integrated power supply with IEC/CEE plug

Yderligere info

Number of stereo channels 1
Output Level Adjustment Per Channel Yes
Amount Of Inputs 2
Rack format No

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Lake People G109-P HighEnd Phoneamp
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Lake People G109-P HighEnd Phoneamp
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Excellent tracking/mixing/monitoring headphone amp

Nantonos, 16.12.2014
I bought this headphone amp primarily for mixdown monitoring, and secondarily for general music listening and for use during tracking vocals. My previous amp was adequately loud but lacking in balance, finesse, and resolving ability.

Looking first at build quality, this is exemplary. A solid case, smooth volume knob, quality connectors at the rear. Having seen photos of the interior online (I have not disassembled my own unit!) it sems that the highest quality components are used on the interior as well, including a good encapsulated toriodal transformer, quality capacitors, and generally a professional PCB with tidy wiring.

Both balanced (on XLR) and unbalanced (RCA phono) connections are proviuded to give a single channel of stereo amplification, delivered to two 1/4" (6.35mm) headphone outlets which share a common volume control.

Some headphone amps are good with high impedance headphones (can produce large voltage swings without strain) but suffer with low impedance ones (not enough current drive, too-high output impedance giving poor damping factor resulting if poorly controlled bass). Others compromise in the opposite direction, fine with low impedance but sound thin and veiled with high impedance phones. It is good therefore to see that the G109-P can correctly drive any headphone impedance from 16 ohms to over 600. All my testing has been done with Audio Technica ATH-M50s and M40 headphones, both low impedance around 32 ohms.

The majority of my listening has used the balanced inputs. Most of the time I was using a single headphone output; when tow headphones were connected, I did not notice any particular change in the quality of the sound. I have not tested the unit with high impedance headphones and don't know how it behaves if one low and one high impedance set of phones are connected at once. (Although in tht case, probably one would want an amp with twin volume controls and perhaps two separate channels, which is a rather

I had expected a slightly better performance and a better reliability than my previous unit. I was wrong. The audio performance was very much better - not in an obvious, hyped, exciting and unrealistic way but in a clear, natural, effortless way that was well suited to mix monitoring. This difference was clearly apparent to several listeners with only a few minutes A/B comparison with my other amp. The overall sound is impressively neutral (without sounding dull or lifeless as some neutral-oriented units can be) with impressive control especially in the lower midrange and bass; this translates to clearer presentation of complex rhythmic material, an ability to hear basslines together with strong drums, for example. Shimmer in reverb trails is more clearly audible. Mixing decisions are easier to make and the music has life, pace and timing while remaining neutral and accurate. Mixes translate well to a variety of speakers.

After a couple of years constant use, this amp is still my main monitoring system for mixdown and i have no desire to upgrade or replace it. It hits the perfect spot of reliable studio equipment, avoiding the expensive and possibly illusory benefots of audiophile hifi gear while providing clear auditory benefit compared to more entry level studio gear.

I do have one, minor, criticism. There is no input selector switch so, if both unbalanced and balanced connections are used, the unbalanced take priority. RCA jacks are not really designed to be repeatedly plugged and unplugged. So if you plan to regularly switch between two inputs, another model would be a better choice. If you depend on an accurate monitoring of a single source over headphones, I can strongly recommend the G109-P.
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