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Kinman Produktoversigt
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Kinman FV-HMS Hank Marvin Strat Set
Kinman FV-HMS Hank Marvin Strat Set
Pickup Set For Electric Guitar
  • Fat Vintage Single Coil Set
  • 3 Pieces
  • One of the fattest sets on the market
319 €
2.372,98 DKK
Kinman Blues Strat Set
Kinman Blues Strat Set
SSS Pickup Set
  • Noiseless single coil set (3 pieces)
  • Richer and less aggressive tone than the traditional sets
  • Creamy distortion and crunch sounds without getting spongy
295 €
2.194,45 DKK
Kinman AVn 69 Strat Pickup
Kinman AVn 69 Strat Pickup
Kinman AVn 69,The`69 replicates and magnifies the most desirable characteristics of the best of the late 60's Strat* single coils before they got aged. Designed especially for the neck/mid positions it features snappy attack, maximum dynamic range for a very fluid response, modern and yet...
119 €
885,22 DKK
Kinman Broadcaster Tele Set
Kinman Broadcaster Tele Set
Pickup Set
  • T-Style pickups
  • 2 Pieces
  • Noiseless
259 €
1.926,65 DKK
Kinman Woodstock Plus Strat Set
Kinman Woodstock Plus Strat Set
Cartridge Set For Stratocaster
  • This set contains a richer, hotter pickup in bridge position than the regular woodstock set
  • The new Hx-85 bridge pickup is similar in sound to the P-90
  • Fatter, thicker sound with powerful stroke and high output power that optimally matches the AVn-69 Neck Pickup's high output power
294 €
2.187,01 DKK
Kinman Impersonator 54 Set
Kinman Impersonator 54 Set
Pickup Set
  • 3 Noiseless single coils
  • Transparent centres and clear heights
  • 7.71 kOhm
339 €
2.521,75 DKK
Kinman Hx 85 Strat Pickup
Kinman Hx 85 Strat Pickup
Kinman Hx 85 Strat Pickup, designed especially for the bridge position for those who like a hotter bridge pickup. fat, thick tone with the most output of all Kinman Strat replacement pickups. performance that is almost equalling that of a P-90 without the Hum. 9.5...
121 €
900,09 DKK
Kinman AVn 56 Strat Pickup
Kinman AVn 56 Strat Pickup
Kinman AVn 56, Strat Pickup, Classic Authentic unaged Vintage sound with no noise & low string pull. twangy mids, sweet trebles , commanding presence, detailed twangy low mids and very dynamic response. ideal for Virtuoso, Rock, Blues, Surf, Instrumental and Country playing. The AVn-56 captures...
121 €
900,09 DKK
Kinman Broadcaster Tele Set B-Stock
Kinman Broadcaster Tele Set B-Stock
B-Stock, Kinman Broadcaster - noiseless Tele pick-up set (2 piece). The tone of the early 50s with more mids and a slightly higher output. Pick-ups: AVn-48n & AVn-48b., B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
243 €
1.807,63 DKK

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