Harmonic Art HB4 HuBass

Handpan HuBass

  • Tuning: HB4 D#, E, F
  • Handmade instrument using high-quality German black coated stainless steel
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with an expressive sound
  • A warm, hypnotic timbre
  • Excellent tuning stability and response with brilliant overtones
  • The Harmonic Master HuBass is a bass handpan with 3 ding-like basses. These produce melodious bass vibrations and can therefore be used together with other instruments of the Harmonic Art family, as well as as a solo instrument in its own right
  • The bottom shell features a simplified surface and a circular centrally-positioned opening with attributes that implement Helmholtz resonance
  • Produces a clear, pure and soft bass sound, a long sustain, and harmonious connection
  • Includes a hardshell cover and a backpack
Material Stainless Steel
Type Handpan
Fås siden November 2020
Artikelnummer 496225
salgsenhed 1 stk
5.666 kr
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