Harley Benton JB-75MN Black Vintage Series


Electric Bass

  • Vintage Series
  • Body: American ash
  • Bolt-on neck made of Canadian maple
  • Roseacer Skunk Stripe
  • Neck profile: C
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard inlays: Blocks
  • 20 Frets
  • Scale: 864 mm
  • Nut width: 38 mm
  • Double-Action truss rod
  • Pickup: 2 Roswell JBA Alnico-5 vintage JB-style single coils
  • 2 Volume controls and 1 tone control
  • Deluxe chrome hardware
  • Classic JB-Style machine heads
  • Stringing: D'Addario .045 - .100
  • Colour: Black high gloss
Fås siden Juni 2015
Artikelnummer 355902
salgsenhed 1 stk
Colour Black
Soundboard Ash
Frets 20
Scale Longscale
Pickup System JJ
Elektronic Passive
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
B-Stock from 1.190 kr tilgængelig
1.290 kr
Inkl. moms. Obs! Yderligere fragtomkostninger 60 kr
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Forventet levering mellem torsdag, 6.10. og fredag, 7.10.
Great instument at a silly price, with a bit of work
Konrad @ DK 03.02.2020
I've had the JB-75MN for a week or two. I'm keeping it for sure. Though it's not perfect, for the money I can't imagine asking for more.

The first impression when I pulled it out of the box, it just left me speechless. It's a beautiful instrument, all through. It weighs a ton, but it makes sense for a bass guitar. Great neck profile, solid but not chunky.

On closer inspection, I got slightly discouraged. The thrust rod was all over the place, frets not finished very well, so it produced some nasty buzz despite a rather high action. The A string was stuck in the nut, so the nut had to be filed down. The nut job got me swearing :) Poor setup.

After setting the neck, cleaning up the frets and lowering the action, I still had to check and tidy up the wires to get rid of the hum - there was way too much of it. With the pickguard off I cleaned off tons of wood shavings and dust. I guess that's a trade-off for the price.

Right now after two evenings to set it up, the guitar play and sounds wonderful. Way better than the Squier I had, and way cheaper, incomparable really. Huge tone.
So all things considered, it's a steal at the price, and with a bit of care after unpacking, some setting up, it's as good as they come in terms of sound and playability.

With all these done now, plugged into the amp, it sounds absolutely perfect. Full, rich, clean sound, a dream of a passive JB.
Just don't get caught unprepared. You might get lucky with one set up properly. You might get one you'd need to set up yourself. I'd buy it again. And looking at another HB bass to buy right now.
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Worth the money and fun to play
Thomn 01.02.2021
The bass guitar is definitely worth the money. The frets were little sharp but not that much notable. Very well done guitar and looks very nice too. Its a little hard to get a grip around all strings but I'm not a bass player :)
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Der opstod en fejl. Prøv igen senere.
Amazing value.
Alex Samoylov 29.10.2020
I have an expensive and rare Spector bass and I bought it for three reasons.
1. I needed an easily accecible bass to have it laying around and throw it around without thinking about damaging or anything else as I am with my other bass.
2. I normally prefer PB setup but wanted to have a JB configuration to explore the sound. But I did not want to spend a lot of money at this time.
3. I wanted to by a Harley Benton instrument and see for myself what it is all about. Few very bad reviews, Many great reviews and many people are amazed about the value for money and not only.

It is one of the best purchases I have ever had. The bass is great just out of the box. Sound is decent, hardware is very good, woods are very nice, finish is excellent. Pots are real, factory fitted strings are ok. It is definately not an instrument of bad quality and yes I do care a lot if something happen to it. Surely it is not in par with my Spector in terms of sound, playability and exclusivity and surely a American Jazz Bass is another league, but I really love it A LOT for what it is!.

All issues below are not something that worries me, not the slightest though of regreting my purchase and not a deal breaker in any case. For the price, you have to have a flaw. However, these flaws are often present to all other brands' more expensive models.

1. A bit heavy but It does not affect me that much as I read other reviewers which to them that seem to be a great issue.
2. Action is a bit high, however, I have not tried to set it up yet as it is not a major issue yet.
3. Frets are a bit sharp, but I will not bother to sand them. Playability is not affected, feel is ok.
4. The block inlays and stripes at the fretboard is some short of paint application. I hope it will last, otherwise i do not think that it would look nice if it start to fade.

Highly recomend for a new player, or an experienced one (if you need it).

I only have it for 3 weeks and did not have the chance to play with my mates yet. Will provide feedback.

Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Thomann
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Der opstod en fejl. Prøv igen senere.
looking cheap, but very comfortable
kozobrod 12.04.2021
+ nice strings, nice pickups (high output), no radio noise, frets not trying to hurt you, good balance
- pickguard holes were drilled not in place, but everything works. Metal parts looking cheap, but work pretty well
+- thick freatboard, but it's comfortable for my hands

Good bass for it's price, For me it's very comfortable to play. Sure, it looks cheap, but comfort is the better option :)

And for Russian users:
Бас отличный! Выглядит дешево, отверстия под пикгард все кривые, но какая разница. Я собирался брать удобный инструмент для обучения, который не будет пытаться срезать пальцы. Все так и получилось. Вид на троечку, удобство на пять. С завода все отстроено, натянул струны и вперед. 3я и 4я струны немного не строят на 12м ладу, но это решается регулировкой седел. Даже анкер крутить не пришлось, струны максимально близко к ладам, на ладах не звенят, да и сами струны хорошие. Инструмент сбалансирован, гриф не клюет. Короче я доволен. Дизайн на любителя, башка прям здоровая, колками канаты тянуть можно) холка бобра настоящая, гриф толстенный (может для кого-то это и будет минусом, но мне удобно) При желании можно конечно замнить все фурнитуру на поприличней, но что-то мне подсказывает, что я ничего делать не буду. Работает - не трогай. Новичкам прям усиленно советую, оно того стоит!

До этого мне друг подарил какой-то euphony (копия BC Rich Mockingbird), так вот он прям дико неудобный: гриф клюет, расстояние до струн гигантское и не настраивается, гриф повело винтом, звучки в неудобных местах, натяжение струн вообще недружелюбное. Я еще присматривался к Dean Guitars Evo XM Bass Mahogany, там конечно гриф еще меньше, да и в целом гитара очень современная, качество материалов поприятней, как и внешний вид. У товарища взял попробовать. В плане размеров все супер, но на этом плюсы заканчиваются. У нее вылезли лады, высоту струн низко настроить не получилось, с завода был фон, стоковые струны тоже так себе. Играть конечно можно, но харви бентон мне оказался приятней)
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