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Harley Benton HBZ-2005FL NT Deluxe Series


5-String Fretless Electric Bass

  • Body: Mahogany
  • 7-Piece continuous ovangkol / maple / nato neck
  • Fingerboard: Black Walnut
  • Nut width: 45 mm
  • Scale: 864 mm (Long Scale)
  • Pickups: 2 Ceramic Bar Single Coils
  • Active sound control
  • Black hardware
  • Die-cast machine heads
  • Bridge with 5 individual saddles
  • Colour: Natural satin
Lefthand Model No
Colour Natural
Number of strings 5
Body Mahogany
Neck Maple, Nato
Fretboard Black Walnut
Scale Long Scale
Pickup System JJ
Elektronic Active
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
Fås siden November 2017
Artikelnummer 411698
B-Stock from 2.159 kr tilgængelig
2.299 kr
portofrit og inkl. moms

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Information om forsendelse
Afsendelse forventet fredag, 3.12.
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HBZ-2005FL NT Deluxe
erezs 06.09.2020
Note that this review is for the fretless version.
I'm an intermediate player, I've got it 4 days ago, it's my first fretless and 5-stringer, first impressions is that it sounds great, it's BEAUTIFUL and the neck is very comfortable to play on. I love the wood grain of the Mahagony and 7 piece neck through ! It feels built sturdy and robust but only wear of time and use will tell.
The 5th string sounds tensed, growly and good to my taste.
It's stringed with D'addario roundwound, I like them very much, the bass is growly with them, and I will try to wear them out before I try the Pyramid black nylon tape wound I bought with it.
It came with some minor wood flaws in the finish, one in the back, a very small tear, one on the neck - a 3 cmx0.5cm missed finish stripe, some others which are less important and the most important one, is a very small but nudging bump on the back of the neck, and the left hand thumb sometimes feel it, but I will get use to it, and if not, I'll sand down it myself...
There is no passive mode for the pickups and It has a modern kind of sound (others would simply call it active sound), I couldn't really get to that Jazz bass Jaco type of bridge sound (at least not with a flat amp), but I have it in my fretted Jazz bass so I don't care for it too much.
I got it with that comfortable higher action which gives me that typical jazzy "fretless envelope" only on the first 2 strings, I guess I have to lower the action a bit to get more of that vibe which I like.
Intonation seems correct out of the box (+-2 cents for the 12 fret harmonics compared to open strings at least according to my phone which has its microphone limitations).
Overall VERY GOOD value for the money, and I also think it's a great fretless 5-stringer instrument to begin with as an intermediate player, I'm not a pro though.
It took its time to arrive from Germany to Israel but it was late only by a few days from Thomann estimations. Thomann service were very kind and explained patiently what might cause the delay, and opened an investigation with DHL, but it wasn't required in the end.
Notice is not lined in the frets, there are only marks on the upper side of the neck - but that was good enough for me for now, time will tell, as I still don't play it well.

Sounds great
Good 5th string sound
Comfortable neck
Sturdy built
Relatively not expensive
Good play-abiliy out of the box
Nice strings though some would rather something flatter wound for fretless

No passive/active switch, I might add it one day myself
Minor wood flaws
Less versatile sound than a Jazz Bass (not sure it's a con...)
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Good instrument, needed heavy setup
Shahar Klinger 18.06.2021
Construction is very good - couldn't find any flaws or defects. Sounds excellent and packs quite a punch. Pickups buzz when the selector is set to 100% of either one. When in the middle the buzz is gone, and I like the tone in that position anyway so that is where I play most of the time.

The only real problem I had was the condition of the instrument upon arrival. I don't know if it was intentional, but the bass came virtually unplayable: the neck had such a strong back-bow that I was afraid it would break in half if I touch it. I needed to loosen the truss-rod considerably before the first string would even play an audible note. Intonation was abysmal, and even after adjustment it's not perfect.

If you don't know how to setup your instrument, be prepared to spend extra money for a setup at a guitar shop or luthier.

Overall I really like this bass and recommend it. I hope your order comes in better shape than mine.
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More than meets the eye!
PsychoAndy 09.08.2019
I took a look at this bass attracted byt he look, at the end I decided to give it a chance as I was looking for a cheap fretless and when I got it I was positively surprised!
Very nice woods, nice feel, just needed a good setup (it took me just few minutes to get a keller action and perfect tune!) and it was ready!
It plays awesome, sure there are better sounding electronics and pick ups, but you can't have them for such a low price!
It's crafted amazingly, I could barely find minor cosmetic flaws, hard to notice.
Hardware seems good and it stays in tune much better than expected from any "raw" wood bass.
The only cons I could find was that most of the saddles needs to be lowered 'till course end to get the best action.
Not a big issue, but there might be thinner saddles to keep "a little room".
Best fretless bass for the price, much better than a curbow!
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Wonderful value for money
JohnS130 09.03.2021
This bass cost me €299! It's a five strip neck through body which looks absolutely beautiful. My main bass is a 5 string Warwick Thumb NT and to my surprise this bass plays nearly as good as the Warick for a fraction of what the Warwick costs. I have been thinking about geting a 4 string bass for a while and I will more than likely buy a Harley Benton 4 string considering how happy I am with the fretless.
I would without a doubt recommend this bass for either someone playing for a long time like myself or a beginner.
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