Gretsch G6238FT Case


CaseSuitable for all Electromatic solid body models:

  • G5436T
  • G5435T
  • G5438T
  • G5445T
  • G5448T
  • G5435
  • G5434
  • G5438
  • G5435LH
  • G5434LH
  • G5655T-CB
  • G5220

Interior dimensions:

  • Length: 104 cm
  • Bottom width: 34 cm
  • Top width: 27 cm
  • Body length: 52 cm
Fås siden Juni 2013
Artikelnummer 316310
salgsenhed 1 stk
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models Yes
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Good Enough
Mr Sinister 23.03.2022
Case bought for my first Gretsch guitar. Slightly miffed that none of the hard cases I already owned were a good fit, but such is life.

Case seems sturdy, though not sturdy enough that I’d trust it in the cargo hold of an aircraft.
It’s definitely a case for sticking on the back seat of a car, or for hand carrying on a shortish journey.
I’m not the biggest fan of gold hardware; plus, it can rub off and look a bit tacky. I’ve not had the case long enough to know if that’s an issue here. Aesthetically it looks fine, with a big gold ‘Gretsch’ emblazoned on the lid.
It also looks small when compared to other rectangular hard cases I own. It’s also a fair bit lighter, and easier to cart around.

I’m sure there are better made, and less expensive cases around, but the odd-ish dimensions of my new Gretsch meant I was unwilling to buy a generic case, on the off chance that it was a poor fit.
That said, I don’t regret buying it.

Thomann’s customer service was excellent throughout, There was a few weeks wait for the case to be restocked, but they kept me updated on the likely schedule, and explained the delivery / tracking info very well.

Will be buying from Thomann again.
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Perfect case for an Electromatic Jet
Mich M 11.11.2021
I couldn't decide between this and some other slightly cheaper cases, but in the end went with this as the Electromatic Jet is not quite a "standard" size compared to say a Les Paul and was afraid it wouldn't fit securely enough in other cases.

I'm happy with this case, quality feels good, solid, everything lines up perfectly and the latches are of good quality as well.

One minor complaint is that the padding at the bottom of the case could be slightly thicker to accomodate for the strap button, as it tends to push through the padding and hit the case itself. In general the padding is good but could be a little thicker for a tighter fit.

The storage compartment is nice to have, could be a bit bigger though but it's large enough for some spare strings, a cable, maybe a small pedal, but for instance my thick leather strap won't fit.

Also wish there was a "silver" option with silver latches and logo as you see on their other cases for the bigger models, would fit so much better with the silver buttons and pickups on the Jets :)
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Very good quality for the price
TrEr 01.07.2021
I got this case for my Gretsch G5655TG. It's a perfect fit.

It's not the cheapest case out there but it's actually less expensive than most "big guitar brand" cases of similar quality. At least if you buy it from Thomann. I've seen these cases for twice the price at other stores.

The quality is very good. It's not quite the superb quality of say Hiscox cases but better than most cheaper options.

The latches are very good quality. MUCH better than the ones they use on the cheapest "store brand" guitar cases. There is no lock but you can use a pad lock on one of the latches. I guess this could matter to some people but a padlock is actually far more secure, if perhaps slightly more hassle (and the possibility to lock the case with the key inside...).

The lid lines up perfectly with the case and everything seems very sturdy. Not quite as sturdy as some of the more expensive molded cases but very good for an old school, vintage style case. I wouldn't use a case like this for air travel but for most other situations it should be fine. I could easily throw this case into the back of a van and not worry too much about it.

There is a reasonably sized compartment for accessories inside the case. Unlike some cheaper cases the lid for this compartment will sit firmly in place and your accessories won't escape and scratch your guitar.

The weigh is acceptable. Not quite as light as some of the more expensive options made from modern, synthetic materials but lighter than many of the cheaper options.

The handle isn't quite as comfortable as the type they use on Hiscox cases but then again, nothing is (at least for MY hands). Still, with a light guitar like the G5655TG this isn't really a problem at all.

The case even smells nice. It has that vanilla-ish smell that you also get from Fender's vintage style cases. It's certainly better than that "toxic chemicals" smell you often get with cheaper cases.

Highly recommended if you need a case with a tight fit for a suitable Gretsch model.
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Great case ! Fits gretsch g2210 like a glove.
Muziekschuur 10.12.2020
This case is s great compagnion for the g2210.
Once I received the G2210 with it’s new gretsch pickups I had to have the case.
It’s here, it’s awesome and people... have one too!
It’s THE case for your Gretsch and you should not be without it.

Ps, researched a review wich said this case does not fit the g2210. All I can say. This new case does and it may have had a slight mod. Since they introduced the g2210. It’s at a great price. It comes very well packed. And with gretsch stamped on it you’ll immideatly will know wich instrument is yours if packed somewhere in the dark during a (jam) session. Get yours Now!
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