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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen


18-Channel USB2.0 audio interface with USB-C connection

  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz
  • 8 Scarlett microphone preamps
  • Phantom power +48 V
  • Switchable air function
  • Talkback function with integrated microphone
  • Pad switch
  • 8 Mic / line inputs: XLR / 6.3 mm jack combo balanced - 2 of them front side with instrument input
  • 10 Line outputs: 6.3 mm jack balanced
  • 2 Stereo headphone outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 S / PDIF input and output coaxial
  • 2 ADAT input and output
  • MIDI input and output
  • USB-C connection
  • BNC Word Clock
  • For PC / Mac
  • Format: 19"/ 1U (removable rack panel)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482.6 x 46.6 x 259.8 mm
  • Weight: 3.19 kg
  • Includes USB cable (Type C to A) and Ableton Live Lite, Pro Tools First, Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite, Softube Time & Tone Bundle and a software tool of 4 XLN Audio Addictive Keys of your choice
Recording / Playback Channels 18x20
Number of Mic Inputs 8
Number of Line Inputs 8
Number of Instrument Inputs 2
Number of Line Outs 10
Headphone Outs 2
Phantom power Yes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 2
Number of ADAT Connectors 2
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
MIDI interface Yes
Word Clock No
Max. sample rate (kHz) 192 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered No
Incl. power supply Yes
USB Version 2.0
Width in mm 482,6 mm
Depth in mm 259,8 mm
Height in mm 46,6 mm
Artikelnummer 468427
3.666 kr
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doesn't work with Linux
michelrandahl 22.11.2020
+ Very nice build quality.
- Clumsy and confusing software configuration.
- Doesn't work in Linux.

* Clumsy configuration software
I tried out the configuration software in Windows virtual machine and found it very confusing to use. I used a lot of time trying to set up 'send FX outs' for some of the many many output ports but eventually gave up and just connected my external hardware devices directly to each other (thus also missing out on the opportunity to send sound from my computer into my FX pedals..).
Frankly I would prefer if the device could be configured either by pressing hardware buttons or through MIDI sysex commands, instead of some unreliable confusing software.

* Linux compatibility
When using the device in Linux I observe subtle 'clicks' or 'crackles' randomly sometimes less and sometimes more -and they are definitely not coming from overloaded CPU or xruns!
I own a 2gen Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, which works flawlesly in a Linux environment. 2nd gen Scarlett devices have quite a reputation amongst Linux users, so its strange that Focusrite haven't decided to support Linux directly with their latest generation devices.
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Bang for the buck interface
Hans Lagoni 15.03.2020
This is a fine audio interface for the price.
The preamps sounds well balanced, without alot of character - which is for better or for worse, and it generally sounds flat compared to higher grade audio interfaces.

Needless to say, its a great interface for the price with alot of features, which all can be controlled from their "Focusrite Controlpanel", very neat.
The air function is not just an EQ, but actual circuitry that is adding harmonics in the top end, which is adding a nice bit of detail that is needed sometimes.
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Brugervenlighed skal råde
TOCS 25.05.2020
Det medfølgende software er lidt grynet i UX oplevelsen - i hvert fald for de mindre erfarne. Ellers et udmærket lydkort!
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google translate gb
Der opstod en fejl. Prøv igen senere.
Interface on another level
lapsio 18.04.2020
I have never in my life even remotely thought that interface can change my workflow this much. Integrated zero-latency hardware 1 bus mixer is game changer since... it works even if PC is turned off and interface is unplugged. It means that you can actually set this interface up in such way that when PC is off Scarlett 18i20 can behave as pass-through device passing any line-in of your choice (eg. inputs 7-8) directly to your main XLR monitors. It makes it really easy to connect multiple either balanced or unbalanced devices to monitors. Kinda like... monitor controller or actual mixer AND interface in one device.

Really nice. Value added by this device is simply incredible. Also it works under Linux (as of today there's kernel patch available on linuxmusicians fixing implicit USB feedback issue).

The only issue I have with this device it's that it has ONE bus mixer. Means you can create one "custom mix" aka virtual mixer (with whichever physical or software inputs you like) and then assign this one mix output it to whichever outputs you like but there's only ONE such stereo mix. It means that you can't for example pass line-in 7-8 to out 1-2 and line-in 5-6 to out 3-4 as that would require 2 independent virtual mixers which is not possible.

- standalone 1 bus mixer
- signal level meters and other back lit indicators look super dope
- 10 built-in output channels (a lot of devices have only 8). In general great i/o
- rubber caps to cover rack ears mounting holes if you don't use them
- kind of works with Linux as well as smartphones

- standalone ONE bus mixer
- i believe more controls should be exposed as physical buttons. Eg. AIR switch which is physical on some other Scarlett devices.
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