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Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline NAT

Steel string guitar

  • California series
  • Body shape: Dreadnought with cutaway
  • Top: Spruce, solid
  • Back and sides: Mahogany, laminated
  • Body depth: 76 mm
  • Scalloped X-Bracing
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Scale: 64.3cm
  • Nut width: 41.3 mm
  • 20 Frets
  • Stratocaster headstock
  • Checkerboard rosette
  • Fishman Isys III pickup system with built-in tuner
  • Bone nut
  • 3-Ply golden pickguard
  • Original stringing: .012 - .052 (Article Nr: 254209)
  • Colour: Natural, high gloss
  • Suitable case available under Article Nr: 129712 (not included)
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  • Country
  • Strumming
  • Picking

Yderligere info

Top Spruce
Back and Sides Mahogany
Cutaway Yes
Fretboard Rosewood
Saddle Width 41,30 mm
Frets 20
Pickups Yes
Colour Natural
Case No
Incl. Gigbag No

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Great Guitar For The Money

John879, 29.01.2016
First off I need to say that I haven't played acoustic for 20+ years so this isn't perhaps the best of references. Also, because of time constraints, I haven't been able to audition any guitars and bought this on line based on specification, so don't really have any references for comparison.

In fairness I have perhaps played a couple of acoustics recently. I didn't like them. I play Strats (2 MIA's and a modified MIM), and they are all strung with 008's, so not a great start. But I liked the thought of the convenience of an acoustic that hopefully wouldn't feel 1000 miles from my Strats.

I pondered the Telecoustic (the Stratacoustic just looks wrong) but reports and reviews suggested it only really sounded anything when plugged in. This rather defeated the object and the only finish I liked was on the most expensive.

The standard Sonoran looked like a possibility but I dislike the broad body of a conventional acoustic, Compared to the figure caressing contours of a Strat all conventional acoustics feel like torture to play. So I was still undecided. Then Fender re-released (?) the Slimline. Job's a good'n.

The guitar arrived yesterday. Today my fingers hurt.

The guitar is stung with 012's (that sould be be a B string not an E in my previous world) but wasn't as aggressively stiff as I had remembered....still hurt my fingers though and very scratchy and squeaky. But that is probably just my problem in transitioning to an acoustic.

First thing to remember is that this is a £230 guitar made in China (the last bit is probably irrelevant though).

The body has a solid top, really nice edge biding and looks like the body of a £300+ guitar.

The neck on the other hand looks, and feels like a £100 guitar, so I guess it balances out. The satin finish to the neck doesn't have the quality of the satin finishes on 2 of my Strats and feels thin and unfished but still manages to be a bit gloopy and sticky in places. Not sticky sticky but that sticky you get on a glossy neck on a hot day. It also has a strange tinted stain which makes it look cheaper again. The frets must be of the thinnest wire available (not great as I have become a lover of jumbo frets since my most recent Strat) and has a something dark wood fingerboard (all my Strats are Maple by choice).

While further considering the neck there is a bizarre gap at the end. The fingerboard extends, as it might on a 22 fret Stat. There is no extra fret and the gap under the fingerboard extension is around 4mm above the face of the body, most strange. Is this normal with an acoustic? From this you can see the back of the neck pocket (the neck is screwed on) and the finish to the nose of the pocket perhaps isn't as precise as I am use to.

OK so I am sure this is all down to my ignorance of acoustics compared to my beautiful Strats.

And "Vintage" tuners is just an excuse to fit the cheapest nastiest tuners you have ever seen. The guitar does seem to hold in tune pretty well though, even though the reinforcing bars installed purporting to be strings are new. I have only tried the on-board tuner (great feature) but the tuning is a tad notchy and I have had to back off and come back up on a number of occasions when it has jumped past the note.

Intonation seems fine throughout the neck; even in the areas that the body cut-out optimistically gives access to. And the action is far from as obnoxious as I remember of acoustics. It's not like my Strats (obviously) but I couldn't use the guitar as an impromptu clothes line either.

Sound wise, unplugged I am very happy. It (to my ears) sounds broad, rounded and rather mellow. Very nice indeed (that'll be the £300 body again then). It certainly isn't as loud as I remember steel strung acoustics to be but this is no surprise. For my predominant late night lounge playing this lack of outright volume is an advantage rather than a downside. In my ignorance it sounds just how I want it to sound. :-)

I haven't plugged it in yet, and perhaps wont. Although, as a Looping freak, I may have to indulge in some body tapping joy that I see others use to great effect. "Watch this space" as they say.

So, in summary, a very pleasant sounding guitar with a comfortable body. The neck feels a bit cheap but I am sure that will turn to "Vintage" in a very short time. I have some lighter strings which I may install but I don't feel this is the necessity that I have experienced on a new Strat. Do I enjoy playing it? Hell yes!

Subsequent to writing the above "Sonia" and I have made sweet music most days and I am greatly enjoying the experience. I did succumb to lighter gauge strings and they have made the guitar more playable (for me) with no obvious problems sound wise.

I have now plugged the guitar in and it sounds extremely good; very natural and accurate, just louder. And checked the on board tuner against my BOSS TU12. It was spot on.

Even the cheap neck is becoming "Vintage" and more to my liking.

An exceptional guitar for the money, especially if you are transitioning from an electric.
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I've played a lot of electro-acoustics in the past and I've stumbled upon some great, great guitars. Recently I've found myself in a bit of situation - booked for the live gigs during the summer while I had no electro-acoustic guitars. In the process of looking for something not rather expensive, but sustaining the quality, I have discovered this guitar. Although I didn't find enough reviews, I really had to make a quick decision, and I decided to go with it.

Once the guitar arrived, I was smitten. It sounds marvelous and plays great. After I made a standard setup of the neck, the action was unbelievable. Plugged-in or not, this guitar's quality falls into the category of much more expensive guitars. Also, since it's a Thinline, it's really portable and comfortable to hold while playing. It looks amazing IRL, and seems rather durable.

So, to summarize;

Pros: Sound (plugged-in or not), action, looks, quality.

Cons: The strings are PHAT. Takes getting use to. Or you know, change them upon receiving the guitar.

TL;DR In my opinion, best electro-acoustic guitar you can get for the price, and would certainly recommend for both studio and live playing.

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