Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Plus

Effect pedal

  • Digital reverb
  • 4 different sound algorithms: Spring, Reverb, Room & Flerb
  • True bypass
  • "Plus" version has additional "Room Reverb" and "Reverb Decay" controls
  • Includes power supply 96 DC-200 BI
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  • Blues SpringReverb
  • Epiano Reverb
  • jazz Room

Yderligere info

Analog No
Battery Operation No
PSU included Yes
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Simple reverb, big for what it does
Rudolph94, 03.09.2018
Does light reverb very well, but attack is compromised at anything above 9 on the attack knob - I wouldn't use it for massive ambience.
However, for adding a bit of depth and sustain to rythm and lead, it does a great job and can be left on at all times!
The flerb is a fun addition, but I don't find it that useful.
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I alt
Sounds great, feels sturdy and offers enough variety.
Fantastic Reverb that offers some very worthwhile features.

It's a reverb so if you're looking for that epic ambience during your super shred solo on the mountain top as the wind blows your hair back or you want to make some sustained bell like chords on your atmospheric pink floyd acid trip to the heart of the human audio experience then this offers some very lovely options.

Spring offers that classic guitar amp spring reverb and the amount knob gives you bucket loads of adjustment in greating the size of the spring reverb. I like to use this one for chords as it gives it gives a nice roundness to them. Especially with my tele.

Hall gives the option to emulate being a large room or hall. Adjusting the amount knob again gives tons of variability in the length of the reverb. From a small hall to a massive hall where the sound would be reverbing for a much longer time. Great for solos whether it's just a little touch to give a bit of life to the sound or bang loads on when you're rocking the house down and you want those big epic bends to sound like they're transmitting throughout the universe!

Room is a bit like the opposite of the Hall reverb, it dampens it down just like how a sound would be affected by a smaller room. I personally don't use this one too often but that's personal preference and not due to any fault of the pedal. It does sound great and if you're looking for something to get the a sound ranging from that pokey little bathtub sound to a small room then this should more than cater to your needs

Flerb is a weird one. I feel like they decided to add this one after a few beers when they were celebrating the success of the other reverb settings. Not like there is anything wrong with it but it's just a little bit weird. Certainly fun though.
When used subtly it again could add to your pink floyd audio trip out session as it gives a flange/modulation type of reverb effect but once the amount knob is turned to max then you're in complete chaos territory.
It's a little hard to find a use for but if you're looking for an obscure sound then this will give you something to chew on.

As far the sound goes this pedal excels. Spring and hall are great on their own but to have the added options of the Flerb and Room settings you won't be needing any other reverb.

Construction is solid and I can see it taking a severe kicking before it shows any real damage. I'm a big guy wearing boots on stage and its handles my abuse very well!
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Reverb Effects
Reverb Effects
Reverb is an essential ingredient in almost all pop and rock music.
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