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Traktor Kontrol Z2 Native Instruments
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2
Mere end 1000 Stk / Styk solgt
(pr. 01/2017)
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Gemini CDMP-7000
Gemini CDMP-7000
DJ Workstation
  • Slot-in CD drive reads CDs, CD-Rs and MP3 CDs
  • USB input on each side (SDHC compatible up to 32GB)
  • Plays MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF formats
645 €
4.798,03 DKK
Behringer DJX750 Case Bundle
Behringer DJX750 Case Bundle
281 €
2.090,30 DKK
Ecler Compact 8
Ecler Compact 8
8-Channel 19" - Universal Mixing Console
  • 3 Phono inputs
  • 7 Stereo line RCA inputs, and auxiliary input on the front panel
  • 8 Inputs for microphone combo connector
1.090 €
8.108,29 DKK
Mixars MXR-4
Mixars MXR-4
Mixars MXR-4, 4 channel mixer; 4 multi-channel stereo inputs (2 phono/line switchable); 60mm channel Input fader; 2x mic inputs (1x Combo / 1x TRS), 2-band EQ Custom; manual talkover; 45mm dual rail crossfader (assignable, reverse), front panel removable; DSP effects processor;dimensions BxHxD 320x380x110mm; weight 4,1...
455 €
3.384,65 DKK
Reloop RMX-80 Digital B-Stock
Reloop RMX-80 Digital B-Stock
B-Stock with full warranty
  • Completely digital architecture for superior sound and flexibility
  • Future-proof through innovative, update-enabled firmware system
  • Setup utility mode for extensive control and setting possibilities (Master, Limiter, Solo/Mix-Cue, Isolator, Crossover, Talkover Threshold, Mic-To-Booth, Cue-To-Booth, LED Check, Factory Reset, Firmware Update)
659 €
4.902,17 DKK
Allen & Heath Xone 43 B-Stock
Allen & Heath Xone 43 B-Stock
B-Stock, Allen & Heath Xone 43, 4 + 1 channel DJ mixer, 4 channels with phono / line, 1 mic, X-FX effect gets sent for external, 3 band EQ with Kill function, power, flexible microphone input with XLR and cinch socket if no microphone is...
619 €
4.604,62 DKK
Denon DJ X1800 Prime
Denon DJ X1800 Prime
Denon DJ X1800 Prime, 4-Channel Digital Mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels, Each channel with dedicated phono, line, digital & USB inputs, uncompromising 96 kHz / 24-bit audio quality, channel sections with large meter chains, powerful 3-band equalizer with switchable EQ curves and adjustable filter,...
1.790 €
13.315,45 DKK
Allen & Heath Xone:92 B-Stock
Allen & Heath Xone:92 B-Stock
B-Stock, Allen & Heath Xone:92 Pro DJ mixer - 6x inputs, 2x aux-sends, 2x stereo mix outputs, booth output, record output, 4 band EQ, VCA fader, Penny & Giles active crossfader, VCF filter with resonance (low-pass to high-pass, band-pass, notch filter, all-pass), talkover, 2x headphone...
1.138 €
8.465,35 DKK
Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 B-Stock
Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 B-Stock
B-Stock, Allen & Heath Xone:PX5, Pro DJ Mixer - 4x Inputs (phono/line/USB),1x 6,3mm/XLR Microphone Input, 3 band Kill EQ, Xcite FX suite mit Delays, Reverb, 20 channel 24bit 96kHz USB2 internal Soundcard, VCA crossfader,Xone VCF filter (low-pass to high-pass, band-pass, notch filter, all-pass, resonance control),...
1.259 €
9.365,45 DKK
Formula Sound FF-6000 R
Formula Sound FF-6000 R
Formula Sound FF-6000 R, 6 Channel Mixer, Poti for Volume, 1 Microfon Input, 6 x Phono / Line Input, 2 selectable Inputs, 3 Band EQ, LED Meter, XLR Master Out, XLR Booth Out, XLR Sub Out, Cinch Record Out,6,3 mm Jack Headphone Output, Crossfader,
1.990 €
14.803,21 DKK
Allen & Heath Xone DB2 B-Stock
Allen & Heath Xone DB2 B-Stock
B-Stock, Allen & Heath Xone DJ mixer DB2, 5 Analog inputs (4 line / 2 phono, 1x XLR mic / stereo line switchable), 2 SPDIF digital inputs, 4x USB send and return (stereo), 3 analogue stereo outs (Main Mix, Booth Out, Rec Out), Rec 1...
1.055 €
7.847,93 DKK
Ecler Compact 8 B-Stock
Ecler Compact 8 B-Stock
B-Stock, Ecler Compact 8, 8-channel-19" universal mixer, 3 phono inputs, 7 Stereo-Line RCA Inputs AUX-input on the front, 8 inputs for Mic`s, Phantompower, 2 seperate outputs (XLR3 and RCA), extra REC Out, ±15 dB 3 Band-EQ, headphone out PFL and mixing control, VU-Meter with 12...
966 €
7.185,88 DKK

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