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Fostex EB6301 Wall Mounting
Fostex EB6301 Wall Mounting
Fostex EB6301 Wall Mounting, wallmounting kit for Fostex 6301B/BX/D and 6301NB/ND/NE/NX
35 €
260,38 DKK
Fostex USM 300H
Fostex USM 300H
Fostex USM 300H, 3/4 "-driver with black horn, impedance 8 ohms, 120 watt programm, 60 watt RMS, 2,5 kHz - 18kHz +-3 db, 106 db/w/m, size: 178mm x 138mm, depth: 154mm, weight: 990 g
74 €
550,52 DKK
Fostex PM-SUBmini B-Stock
Fostex PM-SUBmini B-Stock
Active Subwoofer
  • Closed construction
  • Speakers: 5" (13 cm) woofer
  • Output (rated): 50 W
131 €
974,57 DKK
Fostex PM0.3d black B-Stock
Fostex PM0.3d black B-Stock
B-Stock, Fostex PM0.3d black, active studio monitors, 2-way bass-reflex enclosure, 3" fiber glass cone woofer, 3/4" silk dome tweeter, Frequency response 110Hz – 20000 Hz (+/-3dB), Wooden enclosure box for best audio performance, Compact yet highly efficient built-in digital amplifier, 2 x 15W, Inputs: RCA...
93 €
691,87 DKK
Fostex AR-101
Fostex AR-101
Audio interface and microphone preamplifier
  • Compatible with Apple's iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 (requires optional 30-pin Lightning adapter), as well as standard DSLR cameras and PCs with USB interfaces
  • The AR-101 has a microphone- and line I/Os, a headphone output and a rotary control for operating the device
  • Two stereo inputs in the 3.5 mm stereo jack format (allows up to 2 channels to record simultaneously)
151 €
1.123,36 DKK
Fostex AR-4i
Fostex AR-4i
Audio interface
  • For Apple iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Two pluggable microphones with kidney characteristic
  • 3x Mic Input 3.5 mm mini jack
99 €
736,51 DKK
Fostex HP-P1 B-Stock
Fostex HP-P1 B-Stock
B-Stock with full warranty
  • With D/A converter for iPod and iPhone
  • Digital connection via the 30-pin dock connector
  • 32-Bit DA converter
399 €
2.968,36 DKK
Fostex T40RP-MKIII Headphone B-Stock
Fostex T40RP-MKIII Headphone B-Stock
B-Stock, Fostex T40RP-MK3 stereo headphone, orthodynamic, circum-aural, closed, impedance 50 Ohms, sensitivity 91dB, frequency response 20 - 35000 Hz, max. input level 3000 mW, 315g without cable, includes 2 calbes: 1x 1,2m length with 3,5 mm jack, 1x 3m length with 6,3mm jack, idealy for...
151 €
1.123,36 DKK
Fostex 6301NX B-Stock
Fostex 6301NX B-Stock
B-Stock, Fostex 6301NB Active Monitor - 20W amplifier power, 10cm full range single cone, 75Hz-15kHz, balanced XLR and unbalanced input, magnetically shielded. Dimensions WHD: 120 x 189 x 120 mm, Weight: 2,2kg, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
299 €
2.224,41 DKK
Fostex TH-7B Headphone
Fostex TH-7B Headphone
  • Half open
  • Circumaural
  • Dynamic
80 €
595,16 DKK

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