Casio PX-S1000 WE Privia

Digital Piano

  • 88 Keys with scaled hammer action keyboard (Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard)
  • 18 Sounds
  • 192-Voice polyphony
  • Hammer response
  • Damper resonance
  • Split and layer function
  • Chorus
  • DSP
  • Brilliance
  • 60 Internal exercises
  • Transposer
  • Metronome
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Connections: 2x Headphones, sustain pedal, USB port, line-out R/L mono
  • Loudspeaker: 2x 8 W
  • Battery operation possible
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1322 x 232 x 102 mm
  • Weight: 11.2 kg
  • Includes SP-3 pedal, power supply (AD-A12150LW) and music holder
  • Colour: White
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  • Demo 3
  • Jazz E-Piano
  • Jazz Grand 1
  • Stride Piano
  • Ballad Piano
  • Demo 1
  • Demo 2

Yderligere info

Design White
Finish matt
Wooden Keyboard No
Accompaniment No
Styles 0
Polyphony 192
Sounds 18
Storage type USB to Device

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So much to love but so many frustrations too
nathanchere, 19.03.2020
First things first - what really sucks about this keyboard.

1. Long start-up time. It can sometimes take around 5 seconds to turn on. It may not seem like much but after using other keyboards in the same price range from Roland and Kawaii it's quite frustrating when you just want to switch on and start playing immediately.

2. The interface is horrible. If all you want to do is use the default grand piano sound, no problem. If you want to switch sounds you need to memorise arbitrary keys to sounds or cycle through them by trial-and-error. The test sound always comes out at full velocity/volume which can be pretty jarring, and if you have the sustain pedal held down it will sustain all the test tones too. It gets worse if you want to do things like layer sounds or change any settings. How hard would it have been to add some extra buttons and a digital display?

3. Related - the companion app for managing settings is really good... when it works, while it works. USB connectivity to mobile devices with this thing is a joke. I've tried multiple cables, camera kits and iOS devices. All of them connect for maybe a minute then disconnect and don't work again until I disconnect/reconnect the cable. It makes changing settings a race against the clock before you get the 'device not supported' message. I haven't managed to get it to work with any of the 3 Android devices I've tried it on ranging from a Galaxy Note 9 on Android Q to an old Nexus 7.

4. PC USB connectivity is fine but there's no Chordana software available. You need an Android or iOS device to configure things with a sane UI.

5. The Bluetooth is really unreliable. If you can't do Bluetooth right, don't do it at all.

Now all that said, what do I absolutely love about it?

1. The feel. The hammer action is as good as anything in twice the price range, and the ivory and ebony textured keys are subtle but you really notice how nice they are when you then go to another digital piano and just feel plastic.

2. The piano sounds. They are easily among the best I've heard and leave nothing to be desired. Run it through some decent external speakers and prepare to be truly blown away.

3. The size. It's crazy how they crammed so much into such a small form factor. I have a 25-key MIDI keyboard which feels extremely bulky and clumsy next to this.

4. The looks. I would rather physical buttons than a crippled barely-useable capacitive touch interface but other than for that issue it really looks like a quality instrument.

5. Front-facing headphone jack. It may not seem like a big deal but little things like that make this so much more convenient and easy to enjoy.

6. PC USB connectivity. Truly plug-and-play. I would expect no less in this price range, but I still really appreciate that it works so reliably given how disappointing the mobile connectivity is.

So for all the cons, I am still ultimately happy with the purchase. If you only care about having a compact instrument which plays like a full-size piano and has some of the best piano sounds around, you will love this. That said, the frustrating interface is the biggest thing that keeps me from being 100% happy with the purchase and if I needed to replace it I would be shopping around for something else. The unreliable mobile connectivity and no PC options for controlling settings wouldn't be a problem if the piano itself wasn't so completely unintuitive to configure.

Not that I expect them to listen to me but if anyone from Casio is listening, what can you fix?

1. In a firmware update: if the device is turned on and has Bluetooth pairings, keep the Bluetooth turned on by default. Don't make me explicitly turn the Bluetooth on each time I turn the piano on.

2. Provide an open-source option for managing settings on the keyboard. Either an app or at the very least a basic library or spec for configuring the piano over USB. I would happily put in the work to flesh it out further but don't have the motivation to reverse engineer their implementation from scratch.

3. In the next revision of this model: PHYSICAL BUTTONS AND A DISPLAY. With a way to set things like layered/split sounds without trial-and-error or always having an archaic lookup manual on hand, this would be a 5 star product without hesitation.
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Casio PX-S1000 WE Privia
Casio PX-S1000 WE Privia
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Digital Piano 88 Keys with scaled hammer action keyboard (Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard), 18 Sounds, 192-Voice polyphony, Hammer response, Damper resonance, Split and layer function, Chorus,...

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Digital piano 88 Keys with scaled hammer action keyboard (smart scaled hammer action keyboard), 18 Sounds, 192-Voice polyphony, Hammer response, Damper resonance, Split and layer function, Chorus,...

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Digital Piano 88 Keys with scaled hammer action keyboard (Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard), 18 Sounds, 192-Voice polyphony, Hammer response, Damper resonance, Split and layer function, Chorus,...

3.990 DKK
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