C.A. Seydel Söhne Key Sticker Set 1847 NOBLE Std


Key sticker set

  • Sticker set of the 1847 NOBLE (G-HA) Standard
  • For the standard key range G to HA
  • 21 lenticular transparent key stickers
  • Permanent key stickers
  • Suitable for all harmonicas
  • Very good contrast: Large black letters printed on silver foil
  • Noticeably better
  • After a short period of getting used to it, the player notices immediately if he holds the instrument the wrong way round
Fås siden December 2019
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Almost Perfect!
allstarspaul 17.06.2020
I really like these stickers for harmonica cover plates and rely on them not to mess up at gigs when I grab a harp in the dark - and as we all have done - play it upside down!

The 3D shape is great for instantly reassuring me the instrument is the right way up by touch and the lettering is clear which is important. I have some others that glow in the dark and TBH that would have made these ones perfect - it's a simple feature but incredibly practical on a gig.

They could also be a little bit bigger although they look neat and tidy on the cover plates.

I would definitely recommend, even though they are a little expensive - in my view essential for gigging and worth the price.
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