Boss Waza Air Guitar Headphones


Over-Air Headphone Guitar Sound System

  • With premium amp and effect sounds
  • With 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth audio streaming and sound editing via smartphone
  • The latest BOSS room technology and integrated gyro sensor deliver natural "amp in the room" sound with a 3D ambience and dynamic sound localisation
  • 5 Amplifier types derived from the Katana stage amplifier series, including a full-range mode for bass or acoustic / electric guitar
  • Access to over 50 customisable effects in the BOSS Tone Studio app
  • Integrated BOSS wireless technology for excellent sound quality with extremely low latency
  • User-friendly controls for guitar volume and Bluetooth audio playback as well as instant access to six user-definable sound settings
  • Custom 50 mm drivers deliver high quality audio with full sound
  • Adaptable ear pads ensure optimal driver performance and uncompromising guitar sound
  • Wide headband offers comfort for long playing sessions
  • Durable construction with chrome-plated metal parts
  • Can be folded up in a guitar bag for compact storage or flat transport
  • Built-in, rechargeable batteries with automatic standby / wake function to protect the battery life
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life for the headphones and up to 12 hours for the WL-T transmitter (included)
  • With the BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android mobile devices, sounds can be edited, organised and downloaded wirelessly
  • Controls: Power switch, volume knob, Ch up / down buttons. Bluetooth Multi-Function button
  • Display: Charge, Power / Battery, Bluetooth, Guitar Wireless
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Current consumption: (When charging) 470 mA
  • Includes WL-T transmitter and micro USB cable
  • Suitable replacement transmitter: Article no. 486908 (not included)


  • Transmitter input: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • USB Micro-B Charge Port (DC IN 5 V)
Fås siden December 2019
Artikelnummer 480241
salgsenhed 1 stk
Design Over-Ear
System Closed Back
Adapter No
Type Of Transmission Bluetooth
Maximum operating time 5 h
Color Black
Type Of Connector None
Weight 320 g
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3.290 kr
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A niche product, but good
Fry57 18.02.2021
It's really cool to be able to plug the dongle, put the headphones on and play. It's fairly easy to dial in good sounds, and the options with the effects are fairly flexible.

The static mode works as advertised, but it feels weird and a bit unnatural. The panning is quite brutal, and the effect is much more pronounced than it would be when you turn your head around with an amp in the room. The stage setting is gimmicky at best, and I don't find it more immersive than the standard mode. the ambiant reverb settings can be very annoying as well, but thankfully it can tuned down. These are fun gimmicks, but not a major selling point. I would have bought a cheaper version without these features any day, and I think a lot of people would agree that this isn't the main selling point.

The main issue is the bug in the app for iOS. it doesn't respect the safe areas, so if you have an iPhone with a notch, the app is unusable. Once you enter the effect setting screen, you can go back to the main screen. It works on iPad and iphone 7 / SE though.

I also wish there'd be a way to toggle effects on & off from the headphones, but the only option is to change patches. It's workable this way, but since there are only 6 slots for patches on the headphones, it's more limiting. This would truly make the headphones perfectly usable without the app, but for now I still feel like I need a phone or tablet to use it. Which you'd probably have if you want to play backing tracks, but this forces you to juggle between the music app and the boss waza-air app. The split knobs for effects is inherited from the katana interface, but on a digital app it feels weird. it might stem from a limitation on the DSP, but it would have worked better to have separate knobs & toggles for booster / mod, delay / fx and reverb. It would also be nice to be able to toggle an effect off by clicking the color switcher instead of having to dial down the knob.

For those who complain the connexion isn't working well for bluetooth audio, it's pretty well explained both in the manual and on the web. There are 2 bluetooth devices in one:
WAZA AIR MIDI: this one is used to connect to the app and control the amp / effects settings on the headphones via midi
WAZA AIR AUDIO: this is used to pair the headphones as a bluetooth media receiver to stream audio from the device.

When you pair the MIDI one on the app, it doesn't automatically pair the AUDIO one on the device to use in your music app. For this - as the manual says - you need to hold the BT button on the headphones to enter pairing mode, then go to your device's bluetooth settings and pair the WAZA AIR AUDIO. Once this is done you can control the headphones with the app & stream music at the same time, which is one thing that doesn't always work well with this type of product (on the yamaha THR for instance, you can't sync settings on the app while streaming audio & vice versa)

A cool product, although it could deserve a little love in terms of UX, especially in the app which has this very critical bug that still hasn't been resolved since the last app update 3 months ago.

Edit: I updated my rating to 5 stars. The tones are amazing, it's really comfortable, and I even sold my yamaha THR 10IIW
this is simply awesome and highly recommended !
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Best way to practise, and a top bluetooth earphone
Biogulasch 13.11.2021
This Earphone has two Conactions, midi for the guitar and Audio for your phone or laptop. That means you can hear a music track and play with it. There are some Tone packages in the APP, which are kinda useable. The building quality is very good, there is no uncomfortable feeling by ear.

What I really want to say, is this is a very wide range Earphone. Bluetooth earphones are highly limited by the board width of Bluetooth technic itself, but this one can really catch a wide range of the frequence. Both high end and low end sound very full. It is really comparable to a real AMP.

Since this is a relative new Product, there is some issues to be improved. There is no "Sleep Mode", I fogot sometimes to shut it down after using. Then it just went out of battery. I understand if it sleeps while playing it could be worse, but I hope there would be a way to solve this.

The adopter and the earphone must be separatedly charged.
If you plug the adopter into a Pedal, e.g. an out-end of a looper, or using some other pedals, it stops working like about every 20min. I dont really understand why.

In general, this worth it a lot. It is just the best way to dive in your own guitar world without disturbing. And I works perfectly alone as a Bluetooth earphone
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dazed & confused
mir.san 26.01.2022
I'm dazed because these headphones are a dream. I've updated the firmware to the latest version (as of January 2022) and there are no connection problems, the wandering speaker problem is not an issue anymore and the connection with the app is rock solid. The tones you get are fantastic, given that you like the BOSS Katana. Classic pedal effects simulations... The whole nine yard worth of BOSS/Roland goodness.
But... I'm the only one that can listen to my bad guitar chops... Well this is the point, isn't it? Yes, but for nearly €400 a output jack or any other output should have been present. So I'm confused now... Do I want to keep them or go with a fender micro?
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The only amp you need at home
Zimar 25.09.2020
The convenience of these headphones are unparalleled to any amp or computer in my opinion, it simply cuts away all annoying middle hands. You can just plug and play and get inspired to keep going for hours.

With that said, I think the 3-D feature of the headphones is something of a gimmick that was fun for the first day or two. Have not used those features since. But just playing for yourself or playing along tracks is awesome. Another good feature is that you can control the volume of your guitar and the volume of the bluetooth connection separately, which is very important. Also, the sound is good enough to keep you playing for hours. Moreover, if you're not very good at dialling in the tones you like with the app, then try pluggin in a pedal. I found the headphones takes pedals surprisingly well. Especially my VH4 pedal sounds like an absolute beast through these things. Would recommend it to all home-players.
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