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Evans 18" UV1 Coated Tom

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BluGuitar BluBox VSC
BluGuitar BluBox VSC
BluGuitar BluBox VSC, professional impulse response speaker simulation in DI-box form with a virtual collection of the best speaker cabinets in music history, great sounding solution for direct connection of any guitar amplifier to a PA or recording console thanks to the latest convolution technology,...
249 €
1.851,06 DKK
BluGuitar Nanocab
BluGuitar Nanocab
Guitar Speaker
  • Ultra compact, can be easily transported by plane, train or motorbike
  • Equipped with: 1x12" Special BluGuitar Classic
  • Closed back
422 €
3.137,13 DKK
BluGuitar Fatcab
BluGuitar Fatcab
BluGuitar Fatcab, 1x 12" cabinet, closed back, 60 Watts, 8 Ohms, this compact box is the ideal complement to the BluGuitar AMP1 on small and medium-sized stages, fat bass with fast response, a creamy mid-range, soft and silky highs, through the Thiele & Small bass...
519 €
3.858,23 DKK
BluGuitar AMP1
BluGuitar AMP1
Electric Guitar Head
  • Power: 100 W
  • Nanotube power amplifier
  • 3x Integrated footswitches: Clean / Overdrive, Boost, Reverb and 3x switchable user presets
659 €
4.898,98 DKK
BluGuitar Remote 1
BluGuitar Remote 1
BluGuitar Remote 1, multifunctional footswitch for the BluGuitar AMP1 (#350860), modes: direct-access-mode, preset-mode, switching: clean, vintage, classic, modern, boost on/off, reverb on/off, FX-loop on/off, 2nd master, volume on/off, power soak on/off, alternativ: 36 user-presets (in preset mode: clean volume, gain, loops 1-4 on/off), MIDI: MIDI...
324 €
2.408,60 DKK
BluGuitar Looperkit
BluGuitar Looperkit
BluGuitar Looperkit, four true-bypass (relais) mono loops to control own effectpedals with "Remote1", each preset can handle up to 4 loops, fixing by lateral screw at Remote1, wiring by breakout-box
222 €
1.650,34 DKK
BluGuitar Vintage Premium Speaker Cable
BluGuitar Vintage Premium Speaker Cable
Loudspeaker Cable
  • More rich, warm and transparent sound
  • Length: 567 cm
  • Straight 6.3 mm jack< - > straight 6.3 mm jack
40 €
297,36 DKK
BluGuitar Amp1 Bundle
BluGuitar Amp1 Bundle
945 €
7.025,09 DKK
BluGuitar Midi1
BluGuitar Midi1
BluGuitar Midi1, MIDI-Adapter to control the BluGuitar AMP1 by external MIDI-Controller, connection at remote socket, enables to use als switch functions of AMP1 by Midi program change and remote of master volume, gain/clean volume and PowerSoak by Midi control change
50 €
371,70 DKK
BluGuitar Easy Locks
BluGuitar Easy Locks
Magnet Set
  • For fixing the BluGuitar Amp on the effect board
  • Contents: 2 units
  • Incl. screws
15,90 €
118,20 DKK
BluGuitar AMP1 B-Stock
BluGuitar AMP1 B-Stock
B-Stock with full warranty
  • Power: 100 Watt
  • Nanotube power amplifier
  • 3x Integrated foot-switches: Clean / Overdrive, Boost, Reverb and 3x switchable user presets
599 €
4.452,94 DKK

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